Friday, April 22, 2016

Big smiles, beautiful weather, and magnolia trees.

I really look forward to sitting down on Thursday nights and writing these weekly recap posts. I am recording our little family's memories, and I will love perusing these posts forever and ever, I'm sure. We have really enjoyed being outside this week. Spring is in full force. There are baby leaves on our blueberry and raspberry bushes, our grass is plenty long enough to mow, and I've been watching Mama Robin weave an intricate nest on our porch. (She's back for the second year in the same spot!) Despite this warm week, our boys have been sick with coughs and fevers. :(  Nolan started coming down with something a week ago, and Ephraim caught it a few days later. Fingers crossed they are both well by tomorrow!

Last Saturday, Steve took his middle-school youth group to play Lazer Tag, which is attached to our favorite ice cream spot. He came home, picked us up, and we headed back there for a few scoops :)

This is him basically saying, "Cookie Dough is good, mama, but your "Death by Chocolate" looks better!"

A bowl of strawberry ice cream for Mr. Nolan.

When he's in a good mood, he's such a little ham!

The ice cream place has goats, so we went to check them out.

We were hoping Nolan would be well enough for church the next morning, but he still had a fever. He burst into tears when we told him he couldn't go! It was the saddest, sweetest thing.

 We spent the morning watching Veggie Tales and cuddling in our jammies.

And when you're under the weather, chocolate chip pancakes are always a good idea.

A few days ago, Steve revived an old end table. I don't have a before picture, but it was all an orange-color wood, and it had plenty of markings and scratches on the top. He painted the legs white, and stained the top with a dark walnut. Isn't it so perfect?!

 And for reasons like that, I fall more in love with this guy every day!

I was so excited that my outdoor tulips had buds, but due to our April snow, they aren't blooming. I had to cheer myself up with pink grocery store tulips :)

Also, Astleigh and my Instagram #thedarlingdetails topic this week is #blueskies. Snap a photo today of what the blue skies look like where you are, and share it with us! We'll choose one to post on our feeds tonight.

Playing outside in the rice table.

On Tuesday, Nolan was feeling back-to-normal, and Ephraim was totally fine, so they were going to go to my mom's house so I could go to a Progressive Dinner with my MOPS group. The boys and I were picking up a few things from the store, and we had already gone through check-out when Ephraim started throwing up! He had a slight fever, so we went home, and he slept it off. I was bummed to miss the Progressive Dinner to stay home with my sick buddy. . .

. . . But Steve got home from work, and I was able to make it to the dessert house!
I am so grateful to have these great friends! Love them! 

Last night, I saw a beautiful pink magnolia tree blooming in our neighborhood, and it made me think of baby Tyler. My cousin Emily wrote this on Facebook a few days ago,

"'I will turn their mourning into joy, I will comfort them, and give them gladness for sorrow.' Jeremiah 31:13. We planted a magnolia tree for Tyler - known to bloom beautifully at this time of year."
I was SO sad not to go to Minnesota for Tyler's memorial service on Monday. I was about three seconds away from tossing the boys in the car and driving the 15 hours by myself, but my plans started to unravel as soon as Nolan started getting sick. We're looking forward to listening to a recording of the service soon, and hopefully we will get to visit Minnesota this summer.

So happy for the first day of shorts weather! I love seeing those little legs (and those big smiles too!)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 

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  1. Hooray for ice cream, snuggles, pancakes, tulips, and a gorgeous table makeover!! So sorry that your boys are feeling unwell though. I'll be praying that they'll bounce back soon! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  2. Happy Friday, friend! Your week looks beautiful, even with sick babes! I hope the sickness is gone and you all have a fabulous weekend!

  3. That ice cream place looks amazing! I love it! Most the places here are frozen yogurt and I miss real ice cream shops. I love the end table! I did that to my table and absolutely love it. Have a great weekend

  4. Ohhh I would love some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream now! That end table looks fantastic!


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