Friday, April 29, 2016

Robin's eggs, sandbox love, and other happenings.

Whew, the end of April is flying by! We have had some of the loveliest days, and if April is this good, I am excited to see what May and June will bring! Steve's teaching jobs at the universities are wrapping up this next week, and I can't believe that he will switch into "summer" mode so soon. 

Our week was really nice, especially after we just had a sick week. We're about to get some rainy days now, but the sun has been out, and we've taken full advantage of that. :)

Last weekend, we were walking through Walmart and we found a new Paw Patrol Color Wonder book! The boys had to have it, of course. And they have made short work of it :)  Because Color Wonder books are so expensive, we like to scan the pages first so that we can print off regular coloring pages with it later.

I found the colored pages on the couch like this :)

I gradually took down most of our Easter decor, leaving behind a simple spring mantel, which I love.
Mama Robin came back to our house this year! I get so much joy out of watching her weave together each piece of her nest, mudding it to the wall, and sitting so patiently (for two weeks!) on these gorgeous blue eggs. By next weekend, we should have some babies!

I peek at her quite often every day, and she doesn't seem too freaked out by me. I mean, she was the one who built her nest two feet above our living room window. She sees a lot of our movement and gets to hear the boys playing and yelling all day :)

I climbed up with my big camera and got a slightly clearer photo of the four eggs. They are my absolute favorite color!

We spent some time at Lowe's this week, and the boys' new favorite section is the tractors/riding lawnmowers.

 We do our date nights at home, and this night called for a special treat, "The Tonight Dough" :) :)


At Lowe's, we bought new sand to fill the turtle sandbox. Nolan couldn't wait to get in it!

This week's #thedarlingdetails on Instagram is Mom Uniform! This is mine--skinny jeans, a colorful tank, and a lightweight, neutral cardigan. If you're on IG, take a photo of your #momuniform today and share it with @astleigh_hill and me!

On Wednesday, we met up with my friend Dianna and her three boys at the park. This park has a cool wooden train, a playset, swings, and the beach! All five boys were having so much fun, they could have stayed there all day :)

Endless sandbox. We will have to come back soon with toys!

All that playing makes for a sleepy boy! Ephraim ended up in my bed yesterday morning, and I couldn't be mad.  :)

I'm not sure what kind of tree these are, but they bloom so beautifully the last week of April/first week of May. I wish they were pink all summer!

Steve is so amazing. He made Nolan these train names out of Duplos yesterday afternoon. I don't have the creativity to construct much out of Duplos, so I was in awe!

Nolan is on a huge Thomas kick right now, so this made him super happy.

Today is Arbor Day, and as a former Nebraskan (home of Arbor Day), I thought the boys and I should talk trees! We made these pretzel trees, piping green Candy Melts for the leaves, and crushed Oreos for the dirt. They lift right off of wax paper when they're dry, so they make cute treats :)

I'm not totally sure he understood that these were supposed to be trees, but he definitely thought they were delicious. :)

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

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Oh, and while I worked on this post, I was listening to this song over and over again, so naturally I feel like I should share it! So so good.


  1. I love reading your sweet posts. Where did you find that beautiful green boxwood-type wreath on your mantle? It's so pretty!

  2. Your boys are the sweetest!! It looks like you had a fun week! Hopefully it doesn't rain too much so you can enjoy the weekend :) Have a great day Rachel!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Your boys are just adorable!

  4. beautiful photos!! i love following you and LOVE that you also have a nest on your porch! so cool

  5. What a wonderful, busy week you've all had! Hope you're all healthy now. So much to love - the wooden train in the park, the Duplo train your son is playing with, and the wondrous robin and her nest and eggs. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. The springtime weather is boosting everyone's spirits I think! Thank goodness for that!

    Abigail is obsessed with sitting on the lawn mowers every time we go to Lowe's/Home Depot too :)

  7. Love that you all do date nights at home too! The Paw Patrol pictures are so cute set up! Have a great weekend


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