Friday, May 6, 2016

May Days

Hello! Friday is here again, and we are ready for the weekend! Things are going really well here. I need to keep up with this little blog a bit better - hopefully I can get back into the swing of things this upcoming week. I have a lot of fun little ideas to share with you! Take a look at some of the special things we've done this week:

Last Friday, I visited my friend Kim in the hospital with her new baby, Cody! He is her SIXTH baby boy! She homeschools and leads my MOPS group, and we all think she is Superwoman :)

On Saturday, Steve had a meeting in another town, and the boys and I tagged along with him. Ephraim got carsick on the way, so we had to stop at Walmart for a new outfit. Once he was cleaned up, we found this perfect little restaurant, Tablespoons, for lunch.

 The historic 115-year-old building was apparently a sports store for many years. The interior was gorgeous!


We ordered a few cupcakes for dessert - chocolate peanut butter, vanilla caramel, and strawberry.

This is how we eat cupcakes now.

 We pretty much had the place to ourselves, so it was nice not to worry about the boys being their loud selves.

At church on Sunday, my friend Sue did the children's sermon, and she talked about how May 1st is "May Day" and you can pick flowers and leave them on your neighbors' doorsteps. She had this basket to use as an example, filled with a tulip, an iris, forget-me-nots, and bleeding hearts from her yard. After church, Nolan somehow sweet-talked Sue into giving the flowers to his mommy. They were so pretty!

Sue taught me that you can pick apart bleeding hearts and find bunnies, earrings, ballet slippers, and a tiny paintbrush with yellow pollen paint :)

On Sunday afternoon, we took a little car trip to our friend Ryder's 1st birthday party! It was an adorable garden theme, and just look at this cake!

My friend Briana had the kids make their own Mr. Potato Heads. They loved it!

The party was at a big park, so the kids got to run around outside and play on the playground.

Ryder digging in to his first cake!

Ephraim is a man of few words, but he is so smart! He has known all of his colors for several months now, and he loves this color-matching wheel from my friend Heidi.

Being silly during dinner :)

So, last week I talked about our beautiful blue robin's eggs on the porch. This is them yesterday - I think they're just about ready to hatch, and I can't wait!

AND, one day last week, I was taking a look at the boxwood bush that is right up against our bay window in the living room. I saw a bird inside, but I couldn't get a good look at her. All I could see was her bright orange beak, so I rightfully assumed she was a cardinal! 

And a few days later, I found three adorable cardinal babies! The mom and dad are so beautiful, but I haven't been able to get a photo of them yet.

I'm excited to see what they look like in the next week, and if the red starts to appear on their wings!

My two favorite photos from the week :) :) I am so wild about these two!

 Ephraim's face!!

Last night the boys headed to Lowe's for a project! Usually Lowe's has Build and Grow workshops on Saturday mornings, but they have held a few on Thursday nights. I had a meeting at church, so Steve took them to make cute little chalkboard Mother's Day planters.

Hope you had a great week!

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  1. What a great first few days of May. Absolutely love all your pictures. Those birds. What an amazing site to see. I am so glad Ephraim likes his color wheel. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. My sister is pregnant with her six child right now. God must give some Ladies as extra dose of patience that he didn't give me.

    Love the little birdies and your Little guy's big grins! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Look at those boys! Getting so big and SO handsome!


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