Friday, May 20, 2016

Zimm Life Lately

Sorry for the crickets on the blog this week. Last Friday, I went to upload my photos from my phone, and it just would not work. Luckily, this Friday, it's not a problem! We've had a low-key week - hanging out at home, running errands, and playing with friends at the library. It seems the boys do much better on days that we fill with activities, so I am going to start planning out our summer with plenty of things to do!

We've had our share of cold and rainy days, so any time we see the sun, we all run outside!

With growing boys and all those toys, I'm thinking we could use a second little turtle sandbox! 

Nolan's been my little helper when it comes to gardening. He tries to help weed, and he loves to water the new sprouts. He has a small green watering can that he begged for at Target. One day this week, I was letting him fill it up multiple times in the house. After a while, I realized he was filling it up with super hot water! So far, our plants are still alive :)  He also REALLY wanted gardening gloves, so we found a pair of Mickey Mouse ones at Lowe's last night, and he kept saying, "I am so happy! I'm so happy!" I'll have him help me plant the rest of the seeds tomorrow.

Lovely lilac bushes in our neighbor Yvonne's yard.

This silly face was waiting for me on the porch :)

All I know is, thank goodness this boy still loves to nap! 

These are the baby robins on our porch last week. So cute! The fourth little robin didn't make it. :(

I didn't peek on them for several days, and now they look like this. They are so fluffy and feathery! They will probably leave the nest on Sunday or Monday.

Oh, and I have to show you the photos of the cardinals, too! The babies fledged (left the nest) last weekend.

The beautiful mama.

The bright red daddy.

And one baby right before he took his first flight :)  He landed immediately on the ground, and then waddled all the way over to another bush to his family. It was such an amazing experience to watch it all unfold. I miss having them in our yard!

 I've been doing my first Beth Moore Bible study with a couple of friends, and I'm really enjoying it! She is such a dynamic speaker, and the book is written really well, too.

On Sunday, E and I were waiting for Steve and Nolan in the church parking lot, and one of my favorite songs came on. I started singing along to try and entertain Ephraim, but I turned around and he had his hands over his ears :) He is much too young to have an opinion about my singing! 

I can't get enough fresh pineapple! I don't buy much fruit in the winter, so I'm really excited that some of our favorites like strawberries and blueberries are coming into season.

We've been taking a lot of nightly walks, and this was from last night. It needs a frame :)  These boys are a handful, and they keep us on our toes, but they are the two cutest humans I've ever met. 

Hope you have a relaxing weekend!



  1. E's silly face is totally cracking me up!
    I highly recommend drizzling melted semi-sweet chocolate over pineapple chunks and letting it harden before eating. It's SO good!!
    Have a lovely weekend, gal :)

  2. I did Believing God many years ago and loved it! It was my first Beth Moore study too. At first I was like whoa lady, tone it down! But then I acclimated to her and just loved it :) So I know you'll love it too!

  3. I may have to try that bible study out! Give me all the fresh pineapple :). Your boys are so sweet....have a blessed weekend Rachel!

  4. I may have to try that bible study out! Give me all the fresh pineapple :). Your boys are so sweet....have a blessed weekend Rachel!

  5. I love the birds! So sad the robin didn't make it. :( At our apartment, there are duck ponds, and I saw a family with five babies, and I haven't seen them since! I've seen one with three...and then I kept seeing one with one... I finally saw the three babies again so that's two duck baby families. But I'm hoping the family of five is just hidden and it's not that two of them were picked off. I'm way too emotionally invested for the circle of life to exist! Ugh!


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