Friday, August 26, 2016

Mom's Surprise 60th!

On Monday, my mom turned the big 6-0! Earlier in the summer, she and I had talked about throwing a party, but as time went on, she started saying, "Oh, I don't need a party. . . " in humble mom fashion. Her husband Don suggested throwing her a surprise party on the night of her birthday, and I thought that would be perfect. I secretly messaged around thirty people, inviting them over to my house for ice cream sundaes to celebrate. Steve and I had been on vacation for ten days, so when we got home, we had a couple of days to put together the decorations.

The big tissue paper flowers came in a kit from JoAnn's, that's still there (on sale) if you are looking. Steve graciously put them together. I found a few black-and-white photos of my mom at her house, and they added some cuteness to the mantel.

Pink, coral, white, and a little bit of mint = such a pretty combination!


Ice cream sundae toppings, including a Crock Pot in the back with fresh, homemade hot fudge.

Don picked up a yummy marble cake, and we had raspberry punch to wash all that sugar down :)

Nolan helped MorMor blow out her candles :)

Cheesing with MorMor at the end of the party!

I'm so glad we pulled off this surprise party to celebrate one wonderful woman! Hope your sixties bring you much joy, Mom! Love you!


  1. Gosh I love your mantel. Such a quick and easy but beautiful job! I miss your daily posts so I get super excited to see a new one.

  2. Love your decor! We surprised my mom on her 60th and it was so fun! My siblings who live in town took her to dinner, and then me, my husband (boyfriend then), my other brother and his wife all showed up at the restaurant and she was shocked!


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