Monday, October 3, 2016

Life Lately

With the trees starting to change color and the temperatures dropping, October is officially here! I'm looking back on September today and all of the memories we made this past month. :)

MOPS started up again! We've had two meetings so far, and how I missed seeing all of my friends on a regular basis! It's also great to have that special, mom-based spiritual feeding as well.

I tried making macarons for the second time in my life, and I was nearly successful! A few turned out the way they should (without cracking), and I'm hoping to give it another go this week :)

Nolan started AWANA Cubbies! I went to AWANA from 3rd grade to 8th grade at my church growing up, and LOVED it, so I knew it was something I wanted my boys to experience as well. Nolan is already memorizing scripture and having a really fun time with the other kids. The morning after he got his vest and handbook, he was found wearing the vest over his jammies at 6:30 am.  ;)

Ephraim continues to be the instigator of all of the fights in the house, and he is a force to be reckoned with (for only being 2.5). However, he has us all wrapped around his little finger because he is JUST. SO. CUTE!

The last thing to bloom in our summer garden-- Autumn Joy. These perennial plants have been growing since early spring, but the tiny pink star flowers opened recently, and they make for gorgeous, easygoing plants. It's fun that the leaves look like succulents!

I forget where Nolan was, but there was one night that Ephraim and I were alone and went on an evening walk together. We collected acorns, stomped on their crunchy caps, and sniffed and admired the many bright goldenrods in the alley.

Being the second-born, he just eats up one-on-one time!

Our house is NOT a quiet one these days, so any moment to slip away and drink some coffee in peace is special. I'm not sure why both boys seem to be going through crying/fit-throwing stages at the same time, but hopefully one of them grows out of it before the baby comes!

When we were in Chicago in August, we bought a cooler at Target, filled it with ice, and picked up 8 Lou Malnati's deep-dish frozen pizzas to take home with us. Smartest decision we ever made! Friday nights, we've been popping one in the oven, and that nostalgic taste of my hometown pizza just makes me SO happy! Mmm!

There has only been one Lowe's Build and Grow workshop this fall, and the boys really enjoyed making these Fireboats :)  Daddy wasn't there that day, so actually Mommy was the one who put them together (high-five!)

I'm finally getting into the pumpkin spirit these days! It's always hard for me to let go of summer.

Last week, my friend Melissa had a baby sprinkle for her third baby girl due this month. The shower was on a refurbished early-1900's parlor train car. The pink and blue nautical theme was beautiful, and the details were perfect!

As Melissa waits for her third baby girl, I'm waiting for my third baby boy! I'm at 27 weeks now, which is pretty exciting!

Things are getting real! I took the lovely glucose test on Friday morning, so hopefully the results are fine.

Friday night, we went to see some of Steve's youth group kids in the high school homecoming parade. It was really chilly, but we had fun collecting candy and watching the firetrucks and convertibles drive past!

Blurry, but too cute. :)

Hope you all had a great first weekend of October!! I'm off to bake some pumpkin bread and enjoy this cozy season. XO.


  1. What a lovely lot of photos. The macaroons look divine ! And what a good baby sprinkle! Love the theme and location.

    Happy October!
    _ Katie @ Katie Wanders

  2. You're the cutest pregnant lady!

    I decided to forego all of our morning commitments now that we're doing 1st grade with Abigail at home. I do miss going to MOPS! I'm glad you still get to enjoy it :)


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