Monday, October 31, 2016

Robin & Robin

I'm writing this on Monday night, and I cannot believe that tomorrow is NOVEMBER! I always like the switching over of a new month because it feels like a clean slate and a new beginning.

And guess what? On Friday, Steve defends his dissertation! He is so close to being done with his PhD! This is a HUGE week for us, and prayers are welcome :)

Part of me wishes October and all of its beautiful colors could stay around forever, but then we wouldn't get to Christmas and the new baby's arrival! :)

We aren't big into Halloween around here, but we did do a few small things to celebrate the occasion. I made a "Bat Hotel" math activity, and Nolan worked on some simple addition equations. I really need to do more stuff like this. He eats it up!

I ordered a dozen orange and white pumpkin donuts for breakfast last week. They were delicious, and the boys were SO happy to see them.

We made some pumpkin handprint art, which turned out super cute. I was surprised that Nolan knew how to spell "Happy Halloween" all by himself!

We also made Frankenstein monsters out of the boys' footprints ;)

Nolan, Ephraim, and I got our flu shots the other morning, so hopefully we'll be having a healthy winter!

Speaking of shots, Ivy made it through her 3-year rabies vaccine and bloodwork the other day, which is always an answer to prayer. For those of you who know her medical saga, we weaned her off of one of her anti-seizure meds, and she has turned from the most lethargic and depressed dog back into normal Ivy!

Saturday marked 9 weeks until baby! I sold some clothes and toys at a mommy market to make room for a few cute things for Baby #3. A few weeks ago, I picked up these little outfits for $2 :)

And then Saturday night, we were off to our friends Amy and Brent's annual Halloween party! Nolan was so excited to dress as Robin Hood! He and Ephraim have been watching the VeggieTales version, called "Robin Good", so technically he was going as Larry the Cucumber dressed as Robin Hood ;)

Ephraim wore Steve's vintage Robin costume, handmade by Steve's great-aunts, with crocheted green gloves and shoes. He was so cute! We thought it was fitting that they could be Robin and Robin.

I took a few pictures of the amazingness that is the annual Halloween party. Walking into Amy and Brent's garage, there was the Ghostbuster vehicle (a decked out white Mini Cooper)!

And a maze of glowing noodles.

Plus there was a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow man illuminated in black lights. It was so impressive! The Ghostbusters theme was carried throughout the house. There were 126 people who came to the party, and everyones' costumes were incredible and creative.

Just a portion of the fun food spread :)

The night was really memorable for these guys!

I'm not looking forward to the time change and the extra darkness, but I do like the coziness of the season, and I'm hoping it will encourage all of us to go to bed a little earlier.

The state of our kitchen! In the past couple of days, Steve has laid all of the tile! It looks BEAUTIFUL!!

 I do miss having a stove/oven, but I have started a list of everything I want to cook and bake once this renovation is complete. It is totally worth it to have to eat cereal and sandwiches for a few weeks!

Hope your Halloween was festive! Enjoy this first day of November!


  1. Cutest handprint and footprint crafts! And golly, the donuts you're able to get! They are always gorgeous. It is so so sweet that Ephraim could wear Steve's costume! And I'm super impressed with Nolan knowing how to spell Halloween! Prayers for you guys this week as Steve defends his dissertation.

  2. I'm so excited for your new kitchen!!!! Also, your Robins are just darling. Best wishes and prayers for Steve's defense.

  3. I totally didn't connect that they were Robin and Robin. I LOVE that! so cute!

    And wow, only 9 weeks left! It will go so fast!

  4. These are the cutest costumes! And I love the little footprints craft!


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