Wednesday, December 28, 2016

39 Weeks!

I wanted to post one more baby update while I'm still pregnant! Today, I'm 39 weeks and 4 days, which means my due date is just three days away! Being due on New Year's Eve is a funny thing. I don't know which month or year that our sweet boy will arrive. I get plenty of comments about delivering him on or before 12-31 so we get a tax break for 2016. And I get the same amount of comments about how fun it would be to have the first baby of the New Year at the hospital :) Nolan was 9(!) days late, and Ephraim was born on his due date. So we will see what this baby decides he wants to do!

I had an ultrasound today, and he looked fine, though a little cramped. I always seem to measure a little small when they use the measuring tape to find the fundal height at the end of the pregnancy. I'm not really worried about it - it seems like an imperfect science anyway. In the ultrasound, baby was predicted right around 8 pounds, which sounds just right! Nolan was 8 lbs 2 oz, and Ephraim was 7 lbs 0 oz. Baby's head has been down for many weeks, and I'm 1-2 cm dilated, 50% effaced.

Being so pregnant during the Christmas holiday was an interesting thing. I felt a little overwhelmed trying to balance all of the baking, gift-wrapping, card-sending. . . on top of the nesting, baby laundry, and house-cleaning. I am glad that the baby didn't choose to arrive right on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, so we were able to spend time with family and attend the Christmas events at church. The Christmas story becomes extra special when you are pregnant, because you can relate to Mary's anticipation of baby Jesus' birth. 

A few more notes about the end of this pregnancy:

I don't have many cravings or aversions, but I have eaten my weight in cereal and chocolate. I am addicted to hot cocoa as well. I would love to eat more, but my acid reflux/heartburn has become really intense at night. I sleep very-propped-up on pillows, and I have to cut myself off from eating after 9 or so. For the past couple of months, we haven't had a working kitchen, so that has kept my eating rather simple. Steve installed the sink two days ago, so it's perfect timing to have a completely functional kitchen now! We are thrilled with it!

I'm nervous to make Ephraim the middle child. Even though he will be 3 in January, he's still my baby, and I know it will be a big adjustment for him. I hope he loves being a big brother!

Veins - my right leg is covered with blue veins, and it almost looks bruised all the way down. I've worn my Jobst compression stockings religiously for many months, so hopefully I've kept myself from further trouble.

I become tired and out of breath quite easily. I have a little bit of insomnia and discomfort when I sleep, so I haven't gotten a full night's sleep in quite a while. All preparation for having a newborn soon!

Weight gain - 30 pounds.

No new stretch marks (plenty from before though), and my belly button has never popped.

I'm definitely emotional and irritable. I try to be patient with the boys and the dog, but it's hard to stay calm sometimes.

The baby has been a really big mover. There is nothing quite like seeing the waves of movement across my stomach and seeing a tiny foot stick out of my right side!

We are so blessed to have had this pregnancy after our miscarriage in February. I am praying that his delivery will be smooth sailing, and we will be home with our sweet boy in no time at all.


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  1. You look gorgeous Rachel! I hope the last few days/week before baby arrives are a really sweet time of preparation for your family.


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