Thursday, October 19, 2017

Things we've enjoyed lately

A few things we've enjoyed lately:

Mums of all colors.

Baby August smiles.

Warm October weather.

Snail mail.

Homemade Oreo popsicles.

Praying mantises. 

Caterpillars turning into chrysalises before our eyes.

Neighborhood walks at dusk.

Shay's new "Simmers" slow-cooker recipe book.

Free tows. (And thankfully no accidents.)

Playtime with cousins.

Chewing on everything.


Baby dimples.

Mexican food.

Happy Trader Joe's pumpkins.

Soccer games.

Long eyelashes.

The Cheesecake Factory. A slice of the Godiva. And making new friends!

I've got another post of apple-picking and zoo-visiting to get up soon!



  1. Life is a privilege; something we've been given. We've not earned it, yet we've got much choice in the living of it. These realities afford us the opportunity of thankfulness.


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