Monday, November 6, 2017

Fall Fun

October passed so quickly, and I can't believe we've almost lived in Indiana for three months. We're  feeling settled, but it seems like there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle left to figure out. We want to find a neighborhood that we love so that we can start house-hunting (we're in a rental house now). And we also want to find our church home so we can start plugging in there. Both of these decisions seem pretty huge to us, and we need to really soak them in prayer.

The boys have been playing really well together lately. Their imaginations are running wild, and they are constantly role-playing with cars or building with Legos and MagnaTiles.

My littlest buddy. :)

Oh, the faces I get when I ask Ephraim to smile! 

I think his eyes are turning from blue to green.

Once or twice a week, we do some baking as a part of our homeschool. This day, it was pumpkin spice donuts.

At nine months, August is crawling and standing and almost-cruising. Since trying "puffs", he now uses his little thumb and pointer to put every little crumb on the floor into his mouth. He loves to watch his brothers and cousins play, he laughs a lot, and he says "dada" and "yaya" when he's excited. Despite being our biggest baby at birth, he's our lightest baby at this stage (17 pounds). He wakes about three times in the night (still), but thankfully, he doesn't wake up too early. :)

And now that I waited a while to post this, he is TEN months old today!

This was a dark chocolate pumpkin swirl bread, and I later added a marshmallow buttercream drizzle. So good!

It's definitely sweather weather now. . .
blanket & hot chocolate weather.

Found him asleep on top of Scouty. So cute!

We went apple-picking twice in October. I hadn't been apple-picking since I went with Girl Scouts when I was in kindergarten! The first day was really warm, and the trees were bursting with apples. We tried several different types of apples, and our favorite was the "blushing golden".

My cousin Zac works in the tallest building in Indy. His office is moving now, so we had to check out the view before he left! 

Coincidentally, my brother-in-law works in the same building, so we can go back another time and see the view from his floor :)

Indy is such a sprawling city!

Happy little guy watching us eat lunch after church.

Steve had a couple days off from teaching (fall break), so the five of us went to the zoo! 

The zoo has a pool of dogfish sharks that the kids can reach in and touch. 

I didn't do a great job at picture-taking, but August's and my favorite animal was this tiger who kept brushing up on the window right next to us. :)

Hope you have a great start to the week!


  1. Felix and George have been playing well together lately too, it's a very happy surprise!

  2. Your photos are all so beautiful!


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