Thursday, November 16, 2017

Catching Up

Things have really slowed down here with the colder weather. It takes a lot of effort to get myself and the three boys fed, bundled, and out the door, so I am learning to be content with staying home more. In Pennsylvania, we had more space in our house, so Stephen had a little office to work from home, but here, he goes to campus every day to plan and grade in the quiet. The boys (and I) are so excited to see him when he comes home!

The trees in our neighborhood turned the prettiest colors. We don't have a tree in our yard, which is sad to me, but on the plus side, we don't have to rake? :)

On the last 60 degree day, we went apple-picking again. There weren't too many apples left at eye level, so we had to reach up high!

This orchard might be my favorite thing about Indiana so far.

August is into EVERYTHING... pulling on cords, investigating the outlets, taking the magnets off of the fridge, clearing the papers off of the coffee table. Picking up after these three boys keeps me busy!

He love to self-feed with puffs, yogurt melts, shredded cheese, and bites of homemade bread.

A few weeks ago, we took a road trip back to Pennsylvania to visit our family and friends. I was really happy to see Ivy! She is doing well with my in-laws. Their dog, Cuddles, (you can see her head in the photo) is 10, and she and Ivy have become best friends. I don't think Ivy is having as many seizures as she was when she was with us, and it really is a calmer environment for her.

Petting his doggie. :)

I have a photo of baby Ephraim in this spot, too. Our church family had a potluck that day so we could have a chance talk to everyone. We got to see some of the new construction on the building, and it's going to be amazing!

August & Grandpa

It's not a trip home without our favorite donuts!

Playing outside at Mormor and Papa Don's house.

 The weekend trip seemed too short, but we'll be back soon enough for Christmas :)

Back at home, we went to a couple of Trunk or Treats for Halloween. The kids got their faces painted as cats and dogs (and Ephraim as a giraffe, haha.)

My sister-in-law's sister has a pet pig, and she is adorable! Nolan got to hold her for a while, and Ephraim fed her some Cheerios. 

Uncle Phil got in the photo booth with August.

We really didn't have any plans for Halloween, so our costumes were completely last-minute (seriously, an hour before). We dressed the older two boys as soccer players, and the baby as a puppy. 

They had so much fun playing games and collecting candy! Nolan went home, laid out all his candy, and made a list of it all. Ephraim kept asking for candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until it was all gone. 

It was a great end to October!

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  1. That baby is so adorable and he sure looks like he is enjoying his time haha. Thanks for sharing such amazing pictures with us. Hoping to see more soon.


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