Thursday, November 30, 2017

November favorites

Today's the last day of November, and I'm getting out Christmas boxes from the garage and dusting off my Amy Grant cds! I think the boys are going to be so excited to see our little rental house get spruced up with reds and greens and twinkle lights!

I just put away the fall things yesterday. I find myself missing the mantel and fireplace at our old house more and more! It was so much fun to decorate, and it was one of the only spots in the house that none of the kids could reach :)

I haven't mentioned Mads + Grace Co yet on the blog, but I love this little Etsy shop! The teething bead necklaces are so gorgeous and minimalistic, and they're basically August's favorite things too. If you want 15% off of a purchase, use the code RACHELMGC!

August's 10 month photo. Keeping up with him is no easy task, but every minute with him is such a joy. He's eating all kinds of textures of finger foods now (shredded cheese, chunks of bread, banana slices), and the doctor told me to plump him up with whole milk yogurt and butter and caloric things. He crawls and cruises all around the house, and he laughs so hard when we try to chase him on our knees. He is willing to be passed around and loved on by family and friends and even new people, but he is always happy to be back with Mommy. :)

One of my favorite parts of our homeschool is mixing nature with art.

I've been buying the chocolate "live g-free" baking mix from Aldi, even though I'm not gluten free. The cookies are so good! I freeze them, and then I pull them out one at a time as middle-of-the-night-nursing-the-baby treats.

Starting him young!

My three sweethearts.

The leaves are just about gone, and it's getting dark so early. I'm trying to embrace it, but it's tough! This Indiana sunset was very beautiful the other night.

For the past couple of years, I've wanted to make my own bread, but I've found it's really something you have to make a routine or a habit of. I think I"m finally getting the hang of it! I found a great oatmeal bread recipe, and it's made with molasses (just like my Grandma used to make) . . . so delicious!

Another photo of August snuggling with Scouty during naptime :)

This one is our artist. He is constantly coloring, and I find papers and markers and crayons all over the dining room floor every day. I love the marker stripe on his cheek!

Three-year-old cousins sharing a pizza.

His smile and his excitement about life are contagious.

Next up . . . photos from our Thanksgiving trip to Minneapolis!


  1. That is smart to freeze cookies, when I have cookies laying around I feel the need to gobble them all up. Ugh.

  2. Just ordered some of the teething necklaces-they're GORGEOUS! I also love the idea of freezing the cookies! Great suggestion. :)


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