Saturday, April 28, 2018

Jack & Olive

A few weeks ago, Stephen's Grandpa Jack went home to be with Jesus. Less than two days later, his Grandma Olive also passed away peacefully. Jack was Stephen's paternal grandfather, and Olive was Stephen's maternal grandmother. They were his last two remaining grandparents, and we are still a little stunned that they passed at the same time.

Grandma Olive and Grandpa Jay. Grandpa Jay died in 1966, so Grandma outlived him by over 50 years.

Olive and Jay with their four children. (Stephen's mom is on the left.)

Last summer, we celebrated Grandma's 100th birthday! What an honor to know and love a centenarian! She loved her family wholeheartedly.

Steve's Grandpa Jack and Grandma Gloria had a beautiful love story. Gloria passed in 2014, and Jack could not wait to be reunited with her.

Jack was in the Navy before he married Gloria and became a veterinarian.

The last time we saw Grandpa Jack was on our summer vacation in New York last July. It was the week before his 87th birthday. I love that he's holding an ice cream cone. :)  We are so glad that both of Steve's grandparents were able to meet August.

Steve, with two of his brothers and three cousins at Grandpa's funeral.

August meeting cousin Augustin.

I'm grateful for the nine years I got to be granddaughter-in-law to Jack and Olive, and I appreciate the wonderful examples that they each set for us. We will miss them very much, but we are thankful that they knew Jesus. We know they are in paradise now.


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