Saturday, May 5, 2018

Cinco de mayo

Good morning! I'm sipping some coffee, reflecting on the week, and thinking about how glad I am that it's May. All the green, the new flowers, the warmth, the extra daylight. . . it's so good for my soul.

 August is slowly transitioning to just one nap a day, and I have to say, I am really going to miss the morning nap and the things I used to get done at that time!

Since he learned to walk in the winter, this was the first time he walked on a field of grass. He kept staring at his feet, and bending over to feel the blades in his fingers.

Six cute cousins on a Friday night.

He asks me to read his Daniel Tiger books all day, every day. He really is understanding most of what we say, and he can make all of his animal noises. I'm so impressed!

Ephraim always seems to trip and fall on sidewalks, so I have to hold his hand in a tight grip during our walks. I don't mind the extra hand-holding. I know he'll probably outgrow it soon.

Steve and I both had dentist appointments, and we had to keep the boys entertained at the office. Dr. Tim made them latex glove balloons with funny faces. :)  Isn't this the prettiest waiting room? They had a Keurig and the TV was playing HGTV. . .  I kind of wish they had left me there for a few hours! :)

My favorite food.

Nolan had a soccer game that was so cold and windy, that Ephraim and I spent the whole game cuddling under a thick blanket.

Zoning out with some Thomas the Tank Engine after a long day.

This week, I worked on transferring some of our seedlings into big pots. I wish I had space to save all of our little plants, but there just isn't any spot for them in the ground outside.

 Nolan's having a lot of fun playing soccer! I sometimes see him playing in the mud or stuffing rocks into his socks or spitting into the air while he's supposed to be playing, but overall, I think he's improving. ;)

That tummy!

 I think four might be the best age. They're so chatty, and imaginative, and funny!

Nolan and Ephraim are fiercely competitive and also the best of friends.

When I run out of things for them to do, I say, "Do you want to wash the dishes?" :)

They didn't call us into a room right away at the doctor's office, so I had a few moments to check out this pretty magazine. Also... something crazy... I think Nolan got a dTaP shot that he didn't need because our old doctor's office didn't record that he already had one a year and a half ago!

 My happy place in the evenings.

 Steve was gone to New York for a couple of nights, and I was happy to survive a weekend of solo parenting. It's not for the faint of heart!

The bright pink magnolia blooms have been a gorgeous sight!

Babies don't keep, so I treasure the moments when he still looks like one!

Just four guys who happen to all be in blue, having an afternoon snack. :)

Yay for romper weather! I can't believe the 80 degree weather we've been having! It makes the long winter worth it.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


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