Saturday, July 21, 2018

July love

Here on the far west end of the Eastern time zone, it stays light outside until nearly 10:00. The boys can't seem to go to sleep until it's dark, and somehow they still manage to wake up early every morning! It doesn't leave me with much time to get anything done, but the days are full, and I would never complain about extra daylight and July weather!

At the beginning of the month, we had a little reunion with my mom's side of the family. In this next generation, there are 9 boys and 1 girl (with a twin boy and a girl coming next week). Lots of boys!

They went fishing off the (really high) deck for Pop Rocks and bubbles and toy harmonicas :)

So good to see my grandpa!

My cousin Zac took the kids on four-wheeler rides, while everyone else threw water balloons at them.

And Steve showed up at the end of the party - home from his conference in Texas! Yay!

Our AC was out in the van, so I went on a wild goose chase to find handheld fans for the boys. It seems like my kids are ALWAYS playing with these in checkout aisles, but when I was actually shopping for them, it took me three different stores before I found them!

Hugging Mormor goodbye after a fun week!

 We miss living just 10 minutes from them!

For the Fourth, we made this delicious sugar cookie. For the recipe, click here

This is the first time any of my sons has worn something that was mine from when I was little. I found this red and white striped shirt on my old Cabbage Patch doll, and I thought it would look cuter on August. :)

All-American boys! Happy on the 4th!

18 months is such a busy age! He loves to climb up on our bed, even when we're not in the room, which terrifies me.

Our new house is really coming along! Steve pulled up all the carpet, revealing these gorgeous floors! Today, he is sanding them, and he's also laying down some hardwood in what will be the dining room.

It seems surreal to me that we'll be moving in here so soon! It's going to be a big job to pack and unpack again!

The boys went to Home Depot and made cute wooden fishing games.

Our friends from church, Tim and Ann, invited us over to their house because their three granddaughters were in town, and the girls are very similar ages to our boys.

We had such a nice time playing with them and eating freeze pops, hot dogs, and strawberry shortcake!

There's a beautiful pond in their city backyard, and they let us try out their kayak! August was going to jump in the water if he didn't get his turn on the kayak, and he definitely wanted to hold the paddle.

Ephraim loved his turn, too!

Indiana boys and Minnesota girls.

Best teething toy around!

Ephraim's picture, entitled "Daddy catching us fireflies."

He has taken off with his writing - he has started asking me to spell words all day long so he can label his pictures or write notes to people. It's so fun to watch!

Our first little cucumber from our container garden.

 Three bros ready to leave church last Sunday.

We went to our church picnic, and we had a blast, especially because of the poo1!

Our new church family has been wonderful to us.

Taking a break from swimming to get some homemade ice cream.

The weather has been so nice here that we've gone on a walk basically every single night. Today has been the first rainy day in a long time, and even still, the sun peeks out every 20 minutes.

That hair!

 So happy to be at the park.

I've been searching for milkweed to find monarch caterpillars, and with luck, I've found two! They are now pretty chrysalises on our kitchen counter.

Sweet boy at the library.

:) :) :)

The boys really loved watching "For King & Country" perform at CHIC a few days ago. They're big fans!


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