Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Summer friends

We recently got to see some of my very favorite people in the world. We drove up to Michigan for a weekend with friends, then my aunt and cousins visited from Nebraska, and later my mom and stepdad came to play for a week. There are so many photos from the past few weeks, I'll have to do a second post after this one. Summer has been really good to us. We love the warmth, and we love how easy it is to put on flip flops and get outside with the three boys.

In Michigan, we visited our friends Ruth and Jake, their son Joel, and their twin babies Jack and Chloe. It had been two years since we'd seen them (and we hadn't met the twins yet), so we had so much to catch up on!

Sweet little twins!

"Look how strong I am, Mommy! It's cause I do a lot of push-ups and eat a lot of meat."

The boys with baby Jack.

Steve and his new best pal Roxie.

We had to try some of Grand Rapids' best donuts!

Ruth and Jake took us to the beach in Grand Haven. It was a very crowded day, but that didn't stop us from enjoying every second of being at Lake Michigan.

My sweetheart! 

Digging holes and making water tunnels.

Sandy and happy!

Cutest little chair on the beach!

Thankful for this girl and her love and hospitality!

We had to stop for some ice cream on our way out of Grand Haven. :)

Ephraim loved playing with baby Jack!

All six kids on the couch! :) 

When we got home from Michigan, my Aunt Tina, cousin Katie, and Katie's sons Donovan and Liam drove out from Nebraska!

Katie taught August how to stomp in puddles. ;)

Ice cream, all around!

This melted all over my hand 5 seconds later :) It was so hot, Ephraim's face and hands and shirt were soaked with chocolate ice cream.

We took them to see our new house. How many people can fit inside our closet-sized, pink-tiled bathroom?

We had the best time, and soon enough, our company headed off toward Chicago.

Five boy cousins!

August and Aunt Tina share a birthday (1-6), so I got a photo of the birthday buddies together!

Aunt Tina & me
Our van's AC went out, so we had some really sweaty days. Here, August had fallen asleep in the car and I moved him to his crib. He was so pink!

I made chia seed pudding bowls... and I love how healthy and tasty they are (especially with a big serving of fruit on top!)

The day that Tina and Katie left, my mom and Don came! This was also the same day that Steve flew to San Antonio for a conference. Busy! Mormor and Papa Don took us to the Olive Garden right by our house, and it was delicious, of course!

Filled up on breadsticks and raspberry lemonade :)

 The next day, we went to the Children's Museum. We had a blast! We saw the awesome superhero exhibit with costumes from different movies.

Loved seeing the Batmobile!

Nolan and Ephraim could have stayed in the Hot Wheels exhibit all day. It was very cool.

Watching trains. August says "Car! Car!" for all vehicles right now. :)

And he loved the big water table!

I'll get a post up soon with the rest,

Hope you're enjoying today!


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