Thursday, August 30, 2018

Catching up

I want to share the last few photos I took before we moved houses. Even though we love our new home, there are things that I definitely miss about the old one. We made some great memories there!

One morning, I came out of the kitchen to find August laying down next to the baby :)

We have become big Cubs fans around here! Nolan is always wearing this hat.

My favorite four-year-old and me. Ephraim is wishing to be five already (to catch up to Nolan), but I love him at this age!

We found a little bench alongside one of the ponds in our neighborhood. . . a great spot to watch the ducks and geese!

Every night on our walk, the boys insisted we had to stop at the playground when we walked past it. Who can resist the big twirly slides?

Nolan and Ephraim had their team soccer photos taken after a hot and sweaty Monday night practice. We were walking back to the car, and I didn't even ask them to hold hands :)

August is aways playing with my hair when he's tired. . . it's the sweetest thing.

Nolan is constantly creating and building and using his imagination. What I would give for half of this boy's energy and enthusiasm!

In the old house, I loved Nolan's and Ephraim's bedroom. They shared the master suite with its own sunroom, walk-in closet and bathroom. Needless to say, they do not have a room this big now, but it was nice while it lasted!

August has learned to love the pool. I wish it could stay summer!

These little fishies always swim away from me when I say it's time to leave.

Here are the cutest cousins in stairstep pattern! We were living about 15-20 minutes from them, but now we live about 3 minutes away, and we are so happy about that!

August found a tiny spot to sit on the front porch. He has a way of always making me smile, even when I'm trying to scold him.

I'll be back with more updates soon!


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