Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Summer, please don't go

I'm sorry I've been missing-in-action lately. My computer turned into a complete dinosaur this month, and it was so slow to do anything. I spent some time clearing space on it, so hopefully it's fixed now. Plus, moving houses is not for the faint of heart. We're still getting used to the new house and trying to find a place for all of our belongings. My goal for the week is to get some decor up on the walls so that it feels more like home!

It's always nice when a stranger offers to take a photo of the five of us!

Nolan's second tooth fell out! His adult teeth were already popping through the gums so he didn't have that gap for long. Any day now, he'll probably lose the top two!

I promise to get a post up about our whole butterfly adventure this summer. We just released our twelfth (and last) butterfly this morning!

August giving me smiles as we waited at the doctor's office.

My sister-in-law Dana took me to a fiesta for the women's group at her church. We had a great time and I ate way too much chips and salsa. :)

This little sunflower patch was at their soccer field, and I'm so glad I thought to get this photo. I love it so much.

 Ephraim looks so grown up here!

A friend of mine from college moved here recently, too, so we had a playdate! She has three girls around our boys' ages. There are some stables behind their neighborhood, so we took a peek at the big horses!

When I planted our peppers in April, I used a seed packet that had a mix of purple, red, orange, and yellow sweet peppers, so I didn't know what color we would get. On the plant, they were a lime green until I picked them, and then they turned a deep orange-red! Yum!

Some of my favorite summer memories were at Stan & Colleen's pool. THE best!

Forever stealing my drinks :)

This is our new kitchen after we widened the doorway, moved the stove (off to the left of the photo), and rearranged the island to fit. It's a work in progress, and we'd love to paint the cabinets and add a new backplash. Does anyone know how to get an old musty smell out of the inside of cabinets? It smells like a cabin in the woods that hasn't been aired out in 40 years, and I can barely stand it anymore.

Watching baseball with me. Go Cubbies!

I took the boys to the zoo, and we had so much fun. We saw the dolphin show for the first time, and it was amazing! We all came home saying it was our favorite part of the day.

These sea lions put on a good show for us too!

We tried to pet the dog sharks but were unsuccessful. Next time!

In the butterfly garden, August was very interested in the fish! He didn't want to leave.

And once we got in the car, he was out like a light.

While we were at the zoo, Nolan made a list of every animal we saw (without me asking him to)! He wows me with how smart he is.


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