Monday, February 11, 2019

Ephraim turns five!

We can't believe Ephraim is already FIVE! He was SO excited for his birthday, and he was having trouble understanding why he had to wait for almost all of January to pass before it was his turn to celebrate.  

Ephraim chose an "ICE" theme for his party. We cut out giant paper snowflakes for the wall and the front window, we decorated in blue and white, and I made some blue Jello jigglers that were supposed to look like big ice cubes ;) All in all, we kept it simple, and he was thrilled.

Happy little face while everyone sang to him :)

Ephraim is the best artist, the loudest singer I know, and he gives 100% at everything in life. Sometimes he complains a lot, but he is inherently sweet and kind.

We made chocolate cupcakes on his actual birthday, and he wore his Superman shirt and cape all day. 

Five - a whole hand!

We gave him a PJ Masks coloring book, and he was halfway done with it in a few hours.

And Grandma and Grandpa Z sent him an Elephant & Piggy activity book, which he LOVES!

After watching Superman (1978 with Christopher Reeve), he wants to color him all the time. His drawings are so good!

Clark Kent and Lois Lane ;)

I love you, my green-eyed boy! Stay five for a while, okay??


  1. Wow, a whole hand! Awesome coloring, Ephraim. You’re a great artist!!!

  2. I can’t believe he draws that well at 5! Definitely a talent!

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