Monday, February 11, 2019

Third Trimester & PinkBlush

We are entering the third trimester with this sweet baby, and we cannot be more excited to meet her in three short months! 

Let's talk maternity clothes for a minute. With this being my fourth pregnancy, I feel like I know what's comfortable and what's not at this point. 

I look for pieces that are:

1. Soft. I like 100% cotton/rayon or close to it. 

2. Long. I have had many maternity shirts that become too short to cover the bump in the third trimester. I also want the shirts to be long enough to hide the elastic waistband on my pants.

3. Pretty. I love finding pieces that are currently in style for non-maternity clothes. I typically gravitate towards neutrals so I have staples that mix and match easily.

4.  Fitted. For me, I like tops and dresses that are somewhat flowy, but also give me a shape, so I don't look like a house. I definitely don't like shirts that are too tight over the bump. It's so important to be comfortable and have room to breathe!

PinkBlush sent me this tunic to try, and I love it! It checks off all the boxes for me. The crochet detail on the sleeves is so pretty! I'm sure I'll be wearing it weekly for the duration of this pregnancy. 

PinkBlush has the best selection of maternity clothes that I've seen lately, and the prices are affordable, especially with a coupon code. They have regular women's clothing, and even some kids' clothes as well.

This is the Grey Black Striped Crochet Sleeve Maternity Tunic (It also comes in beige). I wear it with jeans or black leggings.

I've been looking at their selection of maternity dresses, thinking ahead for Easter, and there are so many lovely options!

Thank you to PinkBlush for gifting me this top. All opinions are my own. 

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