Tuesday, March 5, 2019

February highlights

We spent most of February cooped up inside the house, so it didn't feel like there was a lot to report at the time, but looking back - we had some really fun highlights! 

For Groundhog Day, Steve and I surprised the boys with groundhog pancakes for breakfast, which they thought was awesome!

We went to a Home Depot workshop and made candy heart boxes.

August has started doing the projects, too!

On February 3rd, we always remember Hannah, who would now be 35. Nolan prayed, "Dear God, please tell Aunt Hannah I said 'Happy Birthday.'" Yes. Miss you forever, sister.

The constant state of our playroom. Or, maybe I should just call it, Lego Room.

On the 100th day of school, we did several cool projects to celebrate. Here, Nolan and Ephraim had to count out 100 Legos and build something with them.

And here, we counted out 10 pieces of 10 different snacks and organized them on a sheet of paper. They loved this!

They also spent time building towers with 100 plastic cups!

Every day is a wild one!

Waiting to pick up a pizza on a Friday night.

Sweet smiles.

Ephraim is a drawing machine! He watched Toy Story and made this picture.

For Valentine's Day, we made these super easy hearts. Just pretzels, melted chocolate chips, and Wilton jumbo hearts!

They spent a whole morning and afternoon making Valentines for each other and their cousins. 

Steve came home from work with a heart-shaped Giordano's pizza and fresh, white tulips! Good man!

The day after Valentine's Day, we headed to Target for some clearance candy. They savored their Dove heart boxes for a week!

Steve was busy putting new trim around our bedroom doors. We're also painting the doors white and adding some dimension to them. They are starting to look really good!

The closet door here is one that he's already finished. 

Sleeping angel.

Just after getting his hair trimmed! TV, highchair, lollipop = key.

Tired & happy parents.

We haven't had too many warm days, but we've been trying to get outside when it's 45+.

I love this little guy who can't stay still long enough for photos!

Hanging out in the church nursery.

When Daddy comes home from work, everyone talks nonstop at the same time to show him everything they've been up to. He's very popular.

Our last big thing from February is that we redid the dining room floor! Steve just installed the new wood floor in July. He stained it "Weathered Oak", but once he put the clear poly over the top, it began to turn an amber/orange color. It wasn't what we had envisioned colorwise, so we took the plunge and sanded it down.


Instead of an oil-based poly, we used a water-based sealant, and it turned out so beautifully!!

That's a wrap for Feb! March was pretty good, too, and I'll get that post up soon!

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