Friday, March 15, 2019

March life

Every year, it feels like such a long wait for spring, but it's getting closer, and we're so ready!

The Zimm boys keep their days busy with schoolwork, Legos, reading, coloring, and let's be honest - lots of arguing! I certainly am ready for my head to hit the pillow at night.

August resting with his hand on the baby :)

I've been drinking a spinach & berry smoothie every afternoon, and it's such a great pick-me-up!

Nolan reading Richard Scarry to Auggie - some of my favorite moments to see :)

One morning, August and I had the craving to make chocolate chip cookies.

He basically helps pour all the chocolate chips in, and he taste-tests.

 August had his two-year check-up! Everything was good. The nurse gave him a shot, and he cried until he saw the Spiderman bandaid and immediately stopped his tears.

I love this happy face!!

N & E were seriously excited to get some new matching jammies!

 We went to their cousin Levi's 4th birthday party - and it was such a fun day!

On Ash Wednesday, we dug out our "Waiting for the Lamb of God" banner. The boys can count down the days to Easter and anticipate the joy of the Resurrection.

Also, before bed, we've been reading "The Jesus Storybook Bible" for the first time, which does an awesome job at tying each of the stories of the Old Testament to the need for Jesus to come as the Rescuer.

Steve had a week-long spring break, and we decided not to try and go anywhere. We spent a little bit of time driving around Indianapolis, and we visited a cute donut shop one morning. The chocolate frosted donut was pretty tasty!

I saw these bouquets at the market and somehow refrained from buying one. I didn't recognize the huge pink flowers (bottom right), but someone shared with me that they're proteas. Gorgeous!

We visited Steve's work, and his new office on campus. We don't get there very often, so the boys thought it was fun!

 Cutest little college students I ever did see.

Our first spring walk! Definitely a red letter day!


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