Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Hello April

It's April, and it feels like there is so much to look forward to! We have a countdown to Easter, a countdown to the baby, and the weather is finally starting to warm up! I even saw daffodils over the weekend (well, before they got covered in snow). March went out like a lion, but everything is definitely coming to life now. Here is a recap of our last couple of weeks:

At the end of Steve's spring break, we headed to the most-crowded-day at the Children's Museum. My mom and Don were visiting for the weekend, so we took them along with us. The new Star Trek exhibit was fun for some of us (Steve), and unfortunately the Paw Patrol exhibit was so busy that we didn't get in, which was a bummer. We'll have to go back soon!

Cuddling while the older boys rode the carousel.

We went to Culver's for dinner, and it was so good!

I haven't mentioned this on the blog yet - but my mom and stepdad are moving here very soon! I'll be happy to have my mom's help with the big kids while we adjust to the new baby!

For St. Patrick's Day, we made our traditional cereal rainbows.

August preferred just to eat the cereal.

One of these things is not like the others... :)

And we made shamrocks out of regular pretzels, pretzel sticks, Rolos, and green mint M&Ms. They were a great snack!

August spotted me attempting to trim my toenails and paint them by the front door. As soon as I knew it, he was there trying to do the same :)

Free cones at Dairy Queen on a very rainy night!

A new friend of mine offered to watch our boys for us (after she heard how long it had been since we'd been on a date), so we went out for hamburgers! It was such a peaceful and quiet dinner!

And we ended our date with a quick walk through Goodwill :)

August is finally a fan of Sunday night pancakes!

My friend Lindsay is due four weeks before me, so the baby will be here any day now! She has three girls and is having a boy - the opposite of me! This photo was taken at her lovely baby sprinkle.

 We're so glad it's warm enough to go for walks now!

We met Lindsay and her girls at the park last week. The kids had so much fun together!

I cannot get enough of cute little girl clothes! Our collection has started growing, and it's so exciting! The little bows and headbands and ballet slippers - adorable!

Nolan and Ephraim started spring soccer last week! It's going to be so good for them - though I am a little nervous about adding 2 nights of practices + 2 games on Saturdays when we're having a baby in the middle of the season.

August wants to play so badly! He carries around his ball during their entire practices.

Another sign of spring - The Cubs season opener! We love cheering for the Cubbies!


On Saturday, Nolan asked me if he could count the coins in our loose change jar. I said, sure! He counted $66 worth!

On Sunday morning before church, we stopped at Trader Joe's for some snacks and flowers.

We had tacos with Steve's brother & family on Sunday afternoon, and I brought Shay's Key Lime Pie bars. They were yummy!

We also had  Pink Unicorn flavored ice cream, whatever that is ;)

The boys in their Sunday best. Love them so much!



  1. Hi Rachel... you look beautiful! Excited for the birth of your little girl. She will have many boys as her guardians... watch out! So much love in your pictures. Loving the early days of spring! Take care!


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