Friday, May 3, 2019


We had a wonderful April, and it is surreal that it's May already - baby month!! This is a little recap of our Easter, our baby sprinkle, and a few other things we've been up to. Steve is currently grading students' finals, which means our summer is basically here! Nolan has to finish up about eighteen days of homeschool work to finish first grade, but we can be a bit flexible in our timing with that since the baby is coming soon.

So rewinding back a couple of weeks, this was Palm Sunday at church. The boys were really excited about waving the palm branches! And August did a great job following the crowd of kids down the aisle.

This was 35 weeks with our sweet girl! We'll be at 39 tomorrow - I can't believe it! This fourth pregnancy has been pretty hard on my body, so I will be ready to move on to the next stage. With all this heartburn, maybe she'll have a full head of hair ;)

On Good Friday, we dyed Easter eggs. No one spilled the dye, and the eggs turned out great, so it was a win-win. ;)

Brown eggs make for pretty colors!

Simple little Easter baskets on Sunday morning.

I carried my Cadbury Creme Egg bundt cake on my lap to church. It's a rich cake to pass off for breakfast, but it was a holiday! ;)

After church, we celebrated Easter with my sister-in-law Dana's family. We had a blast! We ate ham, cheesy potatoes, sweet rolls, berries, and drank lemonade. Then there were two big egg hunts in the backyard - one for the kids, and one for the adults! Dana's mom is like the Easter Queen, and we were so happy to be included in their family for the day!

All the kids with the Easter bunny.

It was the most beautiful springy, sunny weather!

Daddy helping August reach an egg up in a tree during the egg hunt.

It was important to take stock of the candy back at home :)

The boys came home with so much, I think they'll still be eating Easter candy in July!

A couple of weeks ago, we started the seedlings for our summer garden - peas, cherry tomatoes, green beans, and sweet peppers.

And for Easter, my in-laws sent the boys seed kits, so we planted some more - sunflowers, tomatoes, and edible wildflowers!

Things are growing, which is exciting! Nolan is keeping a journal on the progress we see each day because it's such an amazing learning experience.

Last Thursday, we welcomed my mom and Don to Indiana! They spent the last few months packing up their Pennsylvania house, and now they are now living in a freestanding condo only about a mile from us!

My mom got here just in the nick of time for my baby sprinkle at church last Saturday.

My friend Mykiea and me.

The food was delicious, the games were really fun, and the gifts were wonderful and adorably pink! We're grateful for a church family who cares for us so well.

We had dinner with our friends who just had their new baby boy in April. They now have three girls and a boy, and we'll have three boys and a girl!

Sweet baby Wesley at 12 days old.

August helped me water the peonies outside. They're new transplants that I moved last fall, so at this point, it doesn't look like we'll get any blooms this year.

He insisted on taking the baby doll in the car with him, which was super cute.

Steve's big news this month is that his book got published!! It was so fun to hold copies of the book in our hands when they came in the mail!

August is still a pretty good napper, but on this particular day, he played in his crib for over an hour, and then he crashed on the way to Target.

Watching airplanes at the park :)

Our new carseat came, so the boys put the baby doll in it to test it out. They're going to be the best big brothers to a little girl!

One afternoon, I thought the house was rather quiet. I found Ephraim under this table - sound asleep! This was the first time any of my boys have fallen asleep while playing, and it was extra funny that he had his mask and cape on.

Building wooden birdhouses at Home Depot on a Saturday morning.

They're always so proud of what they make!

Trader Joe's had the most beautiful ranunculus. I loved these peachy pink colors!

We spend two nights a week at soccer practices for N and E. When it's not too cold, it's really nice to be outside these nights! 

Getting some ice cream at Culver's!

We had to buy a second crib after we heard about the Rock N Play getting recalled. The Rock N Play was our plan for the new baby for the first few months of her life. :(  August is still perfectly happy in our first crib, so we don't want to move him yet. Yesterday, Steve and the boys put the new crib together in our bedroom, and it's ready to go!

It's been a rainy week, but everything is in bloom! This pink dogwood tree was stunning last night!

Reading one of our fave books, "Have You Heard the Nesting Bird?". We haven't found any nests yet this year, but we really enjoy seeing our cardinals in the backyard a few times a day, as well as lots of sparrows, mourning doves, robins, starlings, and a cute red-headed finch.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I love how sweet they are with that baby doll. I bet they are just in heaven with baby Junia!


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