Saturday, July 6, 2019

the Dunes

We took a day trip up to the Indiana Dunes - both to visit the beach, and also to have baby Junia meet her great-grandparents! It was, for sure, my favorite day this summer.

Great Grandpa Dan was so happy to see her! I love how she's gazing up at him.

Junia and GG Gayle at Culver's.

Great Grandpa with his four buddies.

This photo does a great job at hiding the hordes of people to our left and right that were at the beach on this perfect day! It was quite crowded, but we found a nice spot.

She dipped her toes into Lake Michigan for the first time :)

Nolan dug a hole deep enough to fit his entire leg.

Taking a nap under the beach umbrella (best purchase ever). The loud waves lulled her to sleep.

The boys played with water and sand for hours, and we had PB&Js and snacks before heading back home to Indy.

Oh, Lake Michigan, you equal summer for me.

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