Thursday, June 13, 2019

May girl

I love the newborn days when babies are in a constant cycle of eating and falling asleep in your arms. Junia's newborn days were very sweet. She was so tiny at six pounds that she barely fit into her newborn size clothes. The boys would argue over who got to hold her, and we all just soaked up how beautiful she was.

See how baggy these newborn jammies were? :)

This was her brothers' blue sleeper (the first baby item I ever bought!), so it was fun to see her wear it. She definitely looks like a mix of all three boys.

I love this photo so much!

Right after Junia was born, our little crabapple tree was in full white bloom, and I found a robin's nest in it! These eggs were gorgeous, but unfortunately, they didn't make it. :(

Our friends Ann & Tim bought us a onesie with Junia's birthday on it - May the 4th be with you!

My tip for nursing in the middle of the night? - Always have a granola bar or sweet snack ready at the side of the bed. It really helps me wake up, and gives me something to look forward to.

My four sweethearts!

This was Junia's first time at the boys' soccer games! She is going to be watching plenty of games in the next few years!

Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle David, and Abby came out for a weekend to meet the baby and spend time with the other six grandkids!

Kayla and Uncle Josh came out from Pittsburgh, too!

Nolan made Junia a headband out of purple pipecleaners and glitter foam. He was so proud of it, and she does look extra adorable here. ;)

Cousin love!

We haven't had a tiny baby in the summer before, so it's fun that she gets to wear all the cute dresses and rompers. And she can be outside without socks, shoes, a hat, or a coat!

She definitely has the best hair out of all four babies! 

We love you, our little May flower!

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