Monday, April 20, 2020

Every bit of sunshine

Easter has come and gone, but the Easter candy is still plentiful around our house :) Last Sunday was definitely a day to remember, despite being home all day. Honestly, as long as the boys have their toys and each other, they don't feel like they're missing out on anything. I guess that's the simple, homeschool life! 

Rewinding back to Good Friday, we dyed our eggs, and had only one spill. That's a win!

We used brown eggs, which gave us these pretty jewel tones.

August didn't remember doing this last year, so it was a brand new thing for him! :)

Later in the day, our friends Sean and Julie dropped off sweet Easter packages for the kids, full of pastel M&Ms and bunny straws and all good things! :)

Easter morning, the kids woke up to fun baskets! On eBay, I found Junia a little white bunny that matches the boys' bunnies/lamb that they love to see every year, so I was really happy about that!

I bought Junia's pink bunny basket three years ago - wishful thinking, I guess! ;)  She was so darling in her first Easter dress!

Steve played a couple of songs for church on Facebook Live, and we listened to our pastor's message. The boys watercolor painted over three washi tape crosses, then we pulled the tape off to reveal white crosses.

I encouraged them, "Use bright sunrise colors like pink and orange!" August painted his all blue :)


For Easter dinner, we did eat ham, but we kept it easy with ham and cheese sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls. The highlight was dessert - this lemon pie! Recipe here.

After dinner, we had a rainy egg hunt in the backyard. This really was the icing on the cake for the day. The boys loved it!

Happy to have found so much chocolate! 

My mom and Don social-distanced in our front yard to exchange gifts and take our family photo. 

The sun was not even out, but it was apparently too bright for 2/4 of them. 😆

Here are a few more photos of life lately:

Whenever I go out to fill the birdfeeder, I find this sweet girl waiting for me at the door.

Ephraim helping Daddy pull some dandelions!

The two-week progress of our 2020 garden - it's going well so far!

One warm night, I put Junia down in the grass for the first time. She loved it, and kept trying to put grass and wild violets in her mouth.

Junia's 11 months-old, and her birthday is coming up fast! She is a peanut at 16 pounds, only now fitting into her 9 month clothes. She waves and smiles all the time, even to people on Zoom. 😊 She stands up and lets go, and then giggles at us because she's so proud of herself. 

"Every meal, every pleasure, every bit of sunshine, every night's sleep, every moment of health and safety, and everything else that sustains and enriches life is a divine gift."
J.I. Packer 

Everything we have was given to us by a good God. I'm asking myself,
how can I be more grateful today? ☀️

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