Monday, May 2, 2011

this is the week I've been waiting for.

We find out the baby's gender tomorrow!! (provided that the baby lets us see.)  It is crazy to think this is the last day that I will not know this vital fact about my firstborn child.  I cannot wait to see what he or she looks like now!  and I pray that everything appears healthy and normal.  :)

and after the ultrasound in the afternoon, Steve defends his thesis in front of his board!  Then he graduates with his Masters on Saturday!!  This is the week I've been waiting for, for months!

Last week was not the easiest, as my expectations for the upcoming summer have not been met.  I had a couple overly emotional days as we have made some tough decisions about housing and work after we move out of Erie within the next month. God will provide for us, I know.

I need to go to the store to buy a special edition PEOPLE of the Royal Wedding.  I, for some reason, am a little obsessed about it. 

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