Wednesday, May 18, 2011

week twenty-five!

Steve's Master's graduation from G.U. on May 7th :)

me at 24 weeks :)

on Monday night on the border between New Hampshire and Maine!

A little background story to the Maine picture... 
Last summer, Steve's parents gutted their kitchen and dug a big hole in the backyard to begin an addition to the back of their 1890 house.  Steve's full-time summer job was to help build the addition.  On the side, we made three trips to pick up "vintage" or "antique" pieces for the house.  We drove to Revere (Boston) Massachusetts to bring back a wood-burning stove.  We made a trip to Youngstown, Ohio for a back door.  And we visited the suburbs of Detroit for a set of French doors.  

This week, our destination was Providence, Rhode Island for twelve white oak window sashes (wood frames) that were new, made specifically for the house.  I decided if we went to New England, I was going to see my friend and old roommate, Emily, in New Hampshire.  So on Monday, we drove 9+ hours to New Hampshire, and we spent four hours with sweet Emily and her new fiance Andy. We had a delicious pizza dinner in downtown Portsmouth, and we saw where Andy works on the border of Maine.  From NH, we drove to Massachusetts to spend the night at a hotel, and of course watch the season finale of our favorite show, "Castle".  (What a sad and intense finale!  Kate is so alive, by the way.)  Then yesterday morning, we drove from Massachusetts to Providence and picked up the windows.

I had heard via Facebook that my very close family (Aunt Tina, Uncle Paul, and cousin Tim) from Nebraska were in Connecticut, vacationing for a few days with my aunt's relatives.  At the last minute of our trip, I pieced together that Steve and I would be driving right past them.  And amazingly, we were able to have a two-hour lunch feast with them at an Olive Garden outside Hartford!  I used to live just a couple blocks away from them in Nebraska, and now we live a 2-days drive apart, and only see each other once or twice a year.  So of course, it was wonderful to see them!  (If only Katie had been with too!)  Steve and I made it back home at 10 PM last night, 38.5 hours after we left. :)  It was so worth it.

As for being twenty-five weeks, I feel great.  I'm definitely growing, although so far, it's been at a very slow rate.  The bump is not always visible, depending on what I'm wearing.  I feel hungry almost every hour (ahh!)  The best part about the pregnancy is feeling him move, which happens a few times a day, especially if I'm at home relaxing.  How exciting, right!!?  Pinch me, is this all real?  ;)

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  1. i'm so sad i wasn't with my parents when they ran into you! that project sounds so crazy--his parents sound like they really CREATE when they're doing a project and don't just cookie-cutter it. that's awesome. and i had to mention that castle is one of my ULTIMATE favorites. so i'll definitely be texting you loads when the new season hits my dvr :)


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