Wednesday, May 25, 2011

bye erie

As of yesterday, we are officially moved out of our Erie apartment.  Steve and his brother Josh were amazing movers--bringing all of our furniture and boxes from the 3rd floor down to the U-Haul.  I teared up as we locked the door for the last time and relinquished our keys.  As much as I am ready for the next step, I do not like saying goodbye to four walls which I have called "home".  It was my first real adult residence, facing (and growing from) challenges of post-school life.  It was Steve's first place away from his parents and 4 years of dorm life.  It was where we grew so close as a married couple, where we brought Ivy puppy home to, and where I spent over half of my pregnancy.  I will keep those memories close.

We wait in anticipation of our new apartment.  We signed the lease today, but the landlord is unsure if we can even move in before August 15!  This has caused me quite a bit of frustration, but I'm trying to remain hopeful.  For now, I'll keep myself busy with the warm weather and summer projects. :)


  1. I will be in your same position a year from now and I don't know if I really want to think about it! Where will you be living until August? Is Steve working on the house again this summer?

  2. Aww! moving is always hard for me. There's a quote by C.S. Lewis about moving that encourages me, and I hope it helps ease the way for you, too. He says "...moves are desolating things. The wind of Time blows cold at these corners, doesn't it? - and one's belongings have a sort of squalid pathos about them once they are packed. But one often feels better afterwards and I hope you will find this. Of course the new home is a tiring nuisance until the new ways which it demands have become habits. After that, it may begin to have a certain rejuvenating quality."


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