Monday, June 13, 2011

June thirteenth

Today is Steve and my 2nd anniversary!!  I am waiting for him to get home from a long day of painting ceilings so that we can celebrate. :)  What a wonderful day that was, 2 years ago!
We started our day off today (at 5:30) driving my mom and stepdad to their bus.  They went with their tour group to the airport in DC, and as of three minutes ago, their plane took off for PARIS, France!!  I am really thrilled that my mom is getting a chance to see Europe, finally.  It really is the trip of a lifetime for her.  But I am a little jealous since I am staying here, and I'm little fearful because she won't be able to call me internationally.  It's the farthest we've been apart!  Anyways, I'm praying for a safe flight and no complications throughout the entire two week trip!

I have done quite a bit of sewing the past couple weeks, and I need to take some pictures of my new creations to put on here!  I have come very far from buying-my-sewing-machine-and-not-knowing-how-to-use-it.  

The baby is very active inside.  I'm still not big (I was even the smallest in our prenatal education class on Saturday, though a couple other first-timers had same/later due dates than me).  He is nearing 3 pounds and 17 inches!  I feel like my organs have definitely shifted inside to make room.  He has 2-3 names picked out for him, but we won't be announcing anything until the big birthday.  I am a little nervous he could be born early, because Steve was a preemie at 32 weeks, and only 4 pounds.  Hopefully Steve's fetal stress was not a genetic thing.  We now have appointments with our new doctor every two weeks.  He may not be as friendly as my doctor in Erie, and the hospital may be a lot less nice than the one in Erie, but it feels good to finally see where we'll deliver! 

and it's time to get ready to go to eat!  


  1. just want to encourage you to be sure that you're comfortable with your new doctor - it's so important that you trust him/her and that you have the least stress possible for your prenatal care and delivery! it's really okay to switch doctors if you need to...

    getting exciting!

  2. thanks Linnea. yeah, we only met with the new doctor for a few minutes, and he seems fine--just not the bubbly personality of my doctor in Erie. if he makes me feel uncomfortable at my appointment this week, I'll be sure to take notice, and do something about it. the women's hospital in Erie was just finished in January, and it is amazing. the NICU was unbelievably nice and every room in delivery was huge, had a couch, and a jacuzzi. so it's hard to go from that possibility to a small-town hospital with an older, smaller maternity ward. oh well!


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