Monday, June 20, 2011

sewing creations

These are some of the things that have kept me busy the last few weeks:

Caitlin encouraged me to make these letters & numbers!  They are for when I take photos of the baby: to mark how old he is at different points during the first year.  To be honest, I was about to give up after attempting the "S", but my mom walked in the room and encouraged me to keep going.  I am glad I did!  Here is the link.

I was about to get my hair cut at the salon a few months ago.  Wandering around the adjoining gift shop, I giggled to myself when I saw "Pee Pee Tee-Pees", for moms and dads to protect themselves while changing boy diapers.  I took a cell phone pic to show Steve.  Later, I stumbled upon this blog where she created her own: "Wee Wee Wigwams".  They have fun fabrics on the outside, with a soft fleece on the inside, and can be put in the washing machine :)

This was the real troublemaker.  I committed to making Steve a chef's hat for his skit during VBS week, later in July.  The VBS this year is called "Shake It Up Cafe"--all kitchen themed.  Steve will be Chef Basil, and that will transform him into some kind of celebrity to the kids, as he was at 2009 and 2010 VBS's, haha.  Anyways, after a few failed attempts, the chef's hat finally came together!

This is a nursing cover that I found on this site.  It was easy, but took me quite a while.  I spent a long time choosing the right fabric at Joann's, and this particular home decor fabric had a sale sticker that said "7.00" on it.  I had 1.5 yards cut, and got in line, where it rang up to $30!  Apparently it was $19.99 a yard, and the 7.00 sticker meant how many yards were on the roll.  Luckily, the cashier pulled a 40% coupon out of her pocket and saved me some money.  (This was before I learned how to be a Joann coupon connoisseur.  A couple weeks later, spending three mornings at Joann's, I was able to buy $74 worth of merchandise for only $13!)  I will never buy anything there without a coupon again!

and then I've used some extra fabric to make headbands :) 



  1. Look at you go! I'm so glad you made those numbers, they're adorable. I've never seen those "wee wee wigwams" you'll have to let me know how those work out for you! :) And I LOVE the orange fabric for the breastfeeding!! I'm so jealous of all your craftiness. Mine should be starting up again soon... hopefully.

  2. cute cute cute! love the letters and numbers, and the little tee pees will be sooo helpful! I wished I had those when I was nannying for infant twin boys...


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