Thursday, October 18, 2012

a nautical first birthday party

We had a blast celebrating our little man's ONE year back in September!

This is where he was when the guests started arriving.  He needed some rest in order to be the main entertainment!

Signs around the house.  Many are from my mom's amazing Cricut machine!

The invite, table runner that I sewed, and lemon boats!

The main cake.  Chocolate with buttercream frosting and raspberry buttercream filling.

A second shot.  Buoys over blue water. 

Delicious sugar cookies, made by my sweet mother.

Cupcakes that I made with Nolan's small smash cake's leftover batter.

I don't have a photo of the inside of this cake, but it was dyed teal, red, and dark blue.

Many important parties in my life have involved theme-colored M&Ms ;)

Lifesavers, Swedish Fish, and Twizzlers tied in knots.

Hamburgers, hot dogs, fruit salad, chips.

I drank a few Frappuccinos to collect glasses for punch and iced tea!

Some of the wonderful group.

Opening up new books, clothes, and toys!

He must have loved his new popcorn popper because he brought it to cake time.

It took a while to discover that there was cake underneath all of the yummy frosting.


Sugar overloaded.

Cleaning up!

 My friend Briana serving cake.

Photo props!

My family.

 Playing with some new birthday toys after the guests left.

It was such a perfect day for celebrating our little pride & joy.  Thank you to all those (near & far) who were able to make that weekend special for us.

Since it's getting late, and this post is already lengthy---tomorrow I'm going to post some links for where I got the ideas for the party (invite, lemon boats, cake decor, photo booth, etc.)  So check back again if you're interested!

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