Sunday, October 28, 2012

crib sheet

Nolan was in need of a sheet, since he only had one that fit his bed well.  I stumbled upon a crib sheet tutorial, and decided that I would make him one, that way I could choose any fabric or pattern. 

"" crib sheet tutorial

Something to watch out for with the tutorial:  It says that your 2 yards of fabric should be 45" wide, but at JoAnn's, all I saw were 43" and 44" fabrics.  I bought a 44" and it was still wide enough for the sheet, thank goodness.  Definitely buy the fabric on sale, or with a coupon, or you won't save any money by making your own. 

Also, the tutorial says you can leave your seams raw if you don't have a serger, but my seams started unraveling the minute I finished my casings for the elastic.  It was a mess.  I ended up putting "Fray Check" on everything, and sewing my heart out until I felt like it was going to stay.  I would try a zig-zag stitch over all of the raw edges next time.  So needless to say, the sewing I did was not very pretty.  But, it worked!  Proof it fit the mattress:
And he's been sleeping on it ever since. :)


  1. So cute, I need to try my hand at making crib sheets!

  2. I love his pajamas! I bought a blanket for a friend with those guitars.


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