Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Our First Real Tree

We have already had our faux Christmas tree up and decorated for a while, but when our friends Denny and Sue offered us a real tree? I couldn't refuse! It has always been a dream of mine to have an actual pine tree to decorate. My mom tells me that we had real trees in the first couple years of my life before my dad passed. But since then, I've never had one! Yesterday morning, we loaded up the boys in the van, and we headed out to the mountain in search of the perfect evergreen. It was a sunny, sixty-degree weather day, which is unreal (and amazing!) for December.

After browsing through the field of trees, we decided that this pretty blue spruce was ours!

As the tree fell to the ground, Ephraim got visibly upset. He definitely didn't expect that we were cutting it down to take it home with us :)

Denny and Sue are heading to Asia (to see their granddaughters) for Christmas, so they didn't cut down their own tree this year. They were happy to have us come and take one of the larger ones, since it might be too big next year.

We counted the rings, and it's about fifteen years-old! I think it's so special that it's been growing out on the mountain for more than half of my life.

Nolan watching Daddy strap it to the top of the utility van.

There are plenty of baby pine trees for years to come :)

With Christmas music blaring on our way home, we stopped at the store for a tree stand and strands of white lights. Last night, we transferred all of the ornaments to the new tree, and I was in complete awe at how beautiful it looks. It is huge, and it's stunning! I didn't get a photo yet, but I'll post one soon :)  Thanks so much Denny and Sue! This Christmas has already been so magical for us!


  1. Since we're in an apartment we don't get real trees, but I can't wait to have a house and get a real Christmas tree in there! Can't wait to see a picture of yours! Also, it's so adorable that Ephraim was upset when the tree fell. So sweet and innocent!

  2. Isn't chopping down your own tree so magical?! I bet you never go back!!


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