Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Polar Express

On Monday night, we were invited to a Polar Express party. . . complete with pajamas, cookies, hot chocolate, and great friends! The owner of our favorite ice cream spot in town (also the doctor who took out my wisdom teeth) bought a couple of old train cars, and he has remodeled them to become a restaurant. One of the train cars will be for casual dining, and the other for fine dining. We were very excited to get a peek inside these trains for the first time, and they exceeded our expectations! Nolan and Ephraim are crazy about trains right now, so it was perfect timing.

I loved the red and silver retro tables and the colorful, bright Christmas lights!

The always-moving, almost-always-blurry Zimm boys :)

After eating, we chatted with friends, and the boys made a couple of cute train crafts.

We climbed aboard the fine dining train as well. It was like stepping back into the early 20th century! And it was SO fancy! I can't wait to eat there someday.

Photos from the outside as we were leaving.

The brand new rail station that joins the two trains together.

The owner passed out big milk chocolate trains as take-home gifts. The boys couldn't wait five seconds after we got home to try a bite of theirs. Ephraim is saying "Choo Choo" in the picture with his little lips sticking out. :)

What a magical night! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to do things like this with the boys, and I know these are the moments in which the best memories are made.


  1. That restaurant is going to be so cool!! What a fun night for your boys :)

  2. Such fun!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!


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