Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Highlights

What a great week! We packed a lot into the last seven days, and I want to share our highlights.


This was one of those perfect moments that we were lucky to catch on film.

One of these is definitely going into a frame soon.

Last Friday night, I joined some of my good friends and my mom at a painting party! My friend Ashley organized the event and chose a blue mason jar vase as our masterpiece. I had never done a painting class before, and I wasn't sure what to expect. We all started with black smears, and managed to make something beautiful out of them :) We were there from 6:30 until nearly 11!

As perfectionists, I joked that I was going to take home my mom's painting, and she would take home mine because we wouldn't want our own. :)

Me, Ashley, and Heidi.

The finished products (though I probably could have stayed another hour to mess with it some more.) 

When I brought the painting home, the little boys were asleep. On Saturday morning, I woke up to Nolan at the side of my bed, saying, "Mommy, when you were at your painting place with MorMor, we really missed you! I went into the kitchen, and saw your painting, and it was beautiful!" Aww.

On Saturday, we partied with our 5-year-old friend Autumn at her adorable Mermaid Party :)

Wearing my LOUD Swedish clogs around the house.  :)

This week, I said goodbye to my very first car, my turquoise 1999 Chevy Cavalier Z24 that I got when I was 17. So many memories in the years I've had this car! It's been with me in high school in Nebraska, on first dates, in college in Chicago, our honeymoon to Cape Cod, and three different towns in Pennsylvania. I hadn't driven it in a long time because I didn't feel like the kids were safe in a tiny two-door. It was Steve's work car for a while. I wish I could pass it off to a new owner, but the truth is that it was towed away and scrapped for $75. It will always be worth more to me than that. #minivanmom

On Sunday, we celebrated Grandma Alice's birthday! We indulged in pizza from our favorite spot and ice cream cake.

This one is so cute! Grandpa Jack's birthday is the 18th, so we'll have a reason to do this again soon :)

On Sunday night, we went to a Superbowl party with friends from church. I had to snap this photo of Ephraim cuddling with Dale :) 

He's trying to figure out how to operate Netflix by himself. And he insisted on wearing big boy underwear outside his pants. :)

This week, we've been crazy about HEARTS!

I made the boys an early Valentine's breakfast with heart-shaped hard boiled eggs. The process looked something like this:

The eggs were freshly boiled and very warm when I peeled them. Then they went back in the egg carton with V-shaped pieces of cardboard on top and bottom. I added a bamboo skewer and a rubber band to add pressure, then in about twenty minutes (most) of them looked like hearts! :)

Heart-shaped donuts are the best kind!

And how did I never think to cut strawberries into hearts before??

Hope you enjoy this Valentine's weekend! We are looking at a high of 7 tomorrow--stay warm!

For more heart-shaped fun, follow along @rachel.zimm on Instagram!

P.S. Astleigh and I are hosting an Instagram challenge throughout the year. Each Monday a new theme will be posted. During the week, post a photo that gives your take on the topic. Get creative, get colorful, get unique! And on Fridays we'll pick our favorite and share it on our feeds! You in?! We'll be sharing next week's topic on Monday. And you've still got time to post a photo for this week! The theme is "Valentine's".


  1. Happy weekend Rachel and family. Your boys are growing so fast. Love your paintings... I was wondering where the black smears would play into the scheme, and I see it all now. Very clever with the eggs... Have a great Valentines weekend!

  2. Looks like a busy but fun week. That picture of your boys together is beautiful. Frame it for sure!! Have a wonderful weekend!!


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