Friday, May 10, 2013

20 months!

Yesterday was Nolan’s 20-month birthday!
In this photo, it looks like he aged five more months instead of just one.
That’s the power of a haircut.
As I was trimming it yesterday in the bathtub, he cried and cried.
I don’t know if he was scared, or if he just really likes his hair.
He plays with it all the time when he’s tired.
In this photo, he grabbed a milk jug out of our recycling bin, and he was filling it with rocks.
I love how entertained he is with filling containers, emptying them out, and filling them again.
Each new word that Nolan says is like a miracle to me.
One day, he didn’t know the word, and the next day, he is repeating it all the time.
He is saying “rawr!” every time he sees a bear or a lion.
He says “bye!” and waves at the TV when his show ends.
When we walk in the room, he says “hiiiii!” and holds it out in a long high-pitched squeal.
I love him so much, my heart could burst.


  1. Happy 20 months Nolan! He is too cute, and does look very grown up with the new cut :) It is so much fun watching them learn new things, etc.! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

  2. LOVE those flip flops... too cute! Love his hair cut too. :-)

    Happy Mother's Day Rachel!

  3. He is so stinking adorable!! I can only imagine how your heart flutters every time that boy smiles at you!

  4. He's adorable and growing so fast! :)

  5. Your little boy is sooo CUTE!! Isn't it crazy how fast they grow! :)


  6. Ooooooo! Your baby is adorable! ♥
    kisses, Francesca


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