Sunday, May 19, 2013

bundts twenty-six to thirty

Here are five bundt cakes I’ve baked recently from recipes
Mix and Match Mama.
The links below the photos will take you to their recipes.

Pink Lemonade
This cake was amazing, and very lemony. It was like eating candy, and I couldn’t even finish my piece! I found that Pillsbury makes a “Pink Lemonade” frosting in a can (got it at my Walmart).

Mississippi Mud
Mmm—my favorite of this series of five. The frosting is made of cream cheese and marshmallow cream!

Chocolate Cherry Coca-Cola
This one was really good! The recipe called for regular Coke, and grenadine to bring the cherry flavor. Instead, I just used Cherry Coke. It was a little difficult to detect the cherry flavor, but I did like the texture created by the pop.

Hazelnut Cream
If you like hazelnut creamer in your coffee, this is a cake for you! This particular recipe didn’t call for chocolate chips, but I like to throw them in there :)

Chocolate Coffee Hazelnut
We drink Folger’s hazelnut coffee every day at my house, so I had to try this flavor of cake. Delicious!

Follow this link to see the other 25 cakes I’ve made.


  1. I think the Hazelnut Cream is the one for me :) I'm impressed by your skills...quick question...what do you do with all of the extra cake? I love to bake but always end up with way too many cupcakes/cookies and have no one to give them to! haha

    1. I've been trying to find people to share with--I've left some on neighbors' doorsteps, and I've taken the cakes to my mom's or my in-law's. I do end up with a quite a lot of extras though, and I try to not overdo it, though it gets tempting! :)

  2. I am definitely going to try this Chocolate Coffee Hazelnut cake! Hazelnut coffee is my favorite!

    1. I really liked it! The coffee and hazelnut are subtle flavors, but it is a rich cake! :)

  3. these look awesome! especially the hazelnut ones :)

    1. Thanks! I really liked the chocolate version of the hazelnut :)

  4. Yay now I see the cake is Mississippi Mud!


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