Wednesday, July 10, 2013

22 months

I’m still not ready to admit that Nolan is almost two. I told Steve that we can’t round up—when asked, we either have to say 22 months, or “He’ll be two in September”  :)

He is saying more and more words:  his new ones are—stuck, papa, two, tickle, book, George (as in Curious), teeth, boat, bath, baby, corn, blueberry, Kiki (Kathleen), train.

When he looks at a book or a paper with words on it, he pretends to read it himself, and he says “toy toy toy toy”.
When he sees letters, he reads every one as “i”.
Similarly, when he counts, it’s “two two two”.

He never stops moving, discovering, learning.
He barely even takes a break to eat anything.
And although we seem to be getting a few more tantrums,
he is still the sweetest and happiest little guy.

I’ve never seen him make this face before, but it’s cute!


  1. love these pics! My computer's back now so I'll blog soon! xoxo

  2. What a cutie! I love seeing all these little updates and his new words. My nephew just turned 13 months and he is just starting to say a few words "hello", "love", "no"... and "da" which he says when he points to the dog. Love this age!

  3. 22 months?! What! He's practically an adult! Seriously, though, he's cuter than ever.


  4. Happy 22 Months Nolan! Love his little face expressions!! Too cute :)

  5. Love these pics! You definitely found a cam that captures Nolan's stunning brown eyes. :) The second pic is the best!!


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