Saturday, July 13, 2013

family camp: july 4-6

We celebrated the fourth of July with a little parade for all of the kids at camp. :)

Walking in the parade—popping wheelies.

Friends Leah, Sophie, and Jessica

The three of us on the fourth.

At 10 that night, we headed down to the beach to see fireworks across the lake. The perimeter of the lake is all lit up with flares.

Watching the fireworks.

Nolan was the first to wake up in our cabin most mornings.

The whole family on the last night of camp.

Stacking crackers at the banquet dinner.

With so much going on, Nolan had trouble sitting more than five minutes to eat at every meal. We found a Max & Ruby book at the dining hall, and I can’t tell you how many times Steve read it over the week.


Dana became all of the kids’ best friend when she passed out her glow stick bracelets :) Not sure what Steve is gesturing here.

I bid on this s’mores bucket in an auction to raise money to help build wells in Congo. We enjoyed a small campfire on the last night to eat the s’mores. The Reese’s one I ate was delicious.

with Grandma Alice

Uncle Josh was fun (& helpful) to have around all week!

Saying bye last Saturday.

We stopped by this restaurant on our way home to meet up with my friend (and former camper) Ellie! We liked the seagulls all lined up on the roof.

So good to see this girl!

I will be honest that it was difficult chasing an under-2-year-old around at family camp. I had made a list of ideas of things to do while we were there—and some didn’t happen. I spent most of the afternoons in the cabin for nap time, so I missed out on a lot of activities. I didn’t see Steve’s winning shot when he and his brothers won the basketball tournament. There were some great moms there that I wanted to get to know better. And it would have been nice to lounge on an Adirondack chair on the beach with a good book.

But I am so happy that Nolan got to spend a week with us in such a special place! He really enjoyed all of the time outside playing. He loved being with his cousins. And I hope in the future, it can be a place full of memories and spiritual growth for him. :)


  1. Love all the pics Rach! The new camera is really producing some wonderfully clear pics! My fave pic is the one of you three on the fourth! I love how Nolan always has his mouth open like he is laughing :)

    p.s. so jealous. i want to go to family camp so badly.

  2. Love all of these pictures, esp. the one with the three of you, such a cute family!

  3. The fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays! Looks like you celebrated it in pure American style. Great family pic too!

  4. Great photos again! What did Nolan think of the fireworks?

  5. Awesome photos! Looks like an all American good time. Beautiful family!


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