Friday, July 12, 2013

family camp: july 1-3

I posted the beach photos the other day, and here are the rest of our photos from the first half of our week at family camp.

My newest favorite picture? Aww.

Waiting for chapel to begin one day, we had a visit from an English prince.

Which could only lead to my husband running in with a Scottish kilt as William Wallace. I was thrilled that the guy on the right captured it all on video. It’s on the camp’s slideshow/video for the week, and I’m going to have to get my hands on it. 

Anyways, this signified that we were going to play Braveheart (our camp’s version of capture the flag) that morning.

Remember Braveheart Halloween baby?

Faces painted, and ready to win. (All of Steve’s brothers are in this photo—Josh on the far left, Phil next to him, Dave in the GIVE shirt, and then Steve).

Nolan decided it would be fun to pull up some of the cones separating the English side from the Scottish side. How symbolic, right?

I spy Nolan in the crowd.

Steve in search of the English medallion.

What the littlest kids would rather be doing.

And the Scottish side wins!

Cutest photo of Nolan and his cousins.

My sister-in-law Dana and I escaped nap time in the cabin to tie-dye some tee shirts at the Arts and Crafts pavilion. I was Arts and Crafts director one summer, so it brought back memories :)

Tie-dyeing with some fun ladies.

We took a little trip down the road for some ice cream. Perry’s is the best! Nolan tried some of Mommy & Daddy’s favorite flavor, Piece of Cake.

That night at camp, we watched a huge black tower of smoke appear just a couple blocks away. Sadly, a bad fire had completely destroyed one of the vacation homes on the lake. There was a large group of boats gathered in the water to watch.

Camp is known for its all-red cabins.

Blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes. Not sure what Nolan is chewing on here.

Chapel, built in 2007-8, while we were on staff.

The dining hall.

Taking a break from all of our guys for a ladies’ lunch.

Little piano man.

Second half of the week to follow soon!


  1. So much fun!! Love the picture of your two boys ;)

  2. Makes me miss camp! Thanks for sharing your pictures, looks like you had a great week! How fun to be able to go to family camp. Hoping I get to do that sometime with my family.

  3. Thank you for sharing your MIssion Meadows pics, makes me all nostalgic for camp - 2008 was one of my happiest summers. :)

  4. I love family camps! Matt's family has been going to one in upstate new York for years!


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