Sunday, July 21, 2013

steve’s superman birthday

Last year, “The Dark Knight Returns” came out at midnight on Steve’s birthday, so I put together a little Batman birthday spread and gave him tickets to see the movie the next morning. This year, I knew I couldn’t top that, but I liked having a little theme to work with… so here’s Superman ;)

This was last year’s table:

I went with the same dark chocolate cake this year, but switched it up with an amazing cookie dough frosting.

HB, Steve!


  1. Adorable... you are such a great party planner :)

  2. Love both year's spreads! Did you buy the candy like that or separate the colors yourself?

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  3. Happy Birthday to Steve! Both tables look amazing :) And the cakes looks delish!

  4. So awesome!! Glad he had a great birthday!

  5. What a wonderful display! happy b-day to your hubby!

  6. Oh my gosh that's only 8am, but that cake looks so delicious!!

  7. Such a cute birthday! Great job!


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