Friday, November 22, 2013

baby bump: 30 weeks

30 weeks

how far along? 30 weeks, due January 28th.

size of baby: size of a cucumber, about 15 inches (head to toe) and 3 pounds

heartbeat: 145 bpm (last week).

total weight gain: + 22 lbs

sleep: I am now sleeping on 3 pillows (have to be more vertical so food doesn’t come back up), plus hugging my body pillow

movement: He kicks up by my ribs, and I can feel hiccups at least once a day now!

food cravings: saltine toffee, peach fruit cups, hot chocolate, cheesy pizza, green bananas, the usual.

symptoms I have: Still sore legs, still acid reflux.

doctor’s appointment: Last week, one of the midwives told me that I was measuring two centimeters small. (Doctors find this by taking a plastic tape measure and seeing how high the uterus is above your belly button). I don’t necessarily consider this an accurate measurement since four different people have measured me during this pregnancy, and it’s not a perfect science. She told me that it was probably fine, and I was just going to have a small baby. This made me nervous, because Nolan was over 8 pounds at birth, and this new baby has measured a few days ahead of schedule in the ultrasounds. Although she said that doctors don’t get concerned until the fundal height is 3 centimeters off, she offered me an ultrasound. I went home to talk to Steve about it. Even though I knew in my gut that the baby was fine, I couldn’t shake my concern, and I wanted to talk to the doctor about it. I went back in to the office on Friday. The doctor did a quick ultrasound on the baby. It turns out that he was measuring right on track at 29 weeks and 2 days. He was 2 pounds 12 ounces—PERFECT! My fluid levels were good as well. In the end, my doctor said that everyone carries babies a little differently.

what I’m looking forward to: Nolan’s room is now fixed and painted, and yesterday he moved back into it! (Side note—apparently he was so excited to be in his room again that he pulled off his diaper by himself for the first time and made a mess in his crib.) Now that his room and the baby’s room have fresh paint on the walls, I can get the baby clothes from the attic and start organizing :) November has been such a huge month in terms of getting things done, and emotionally feeling prepared for this baby. I am excited for what December will bring!

I don’t have a side-view photo of my pregnancy with Nolan at 30 weeks, but I do have this photo of Steve and me at my friend Meghan’s wedding right around that time :) I don’t really look pregnant from the front view.


  1. You look great! I know exactly how you feel about needing to sleep upright. So annoying! I'm glad baby is doing great and measuring right on track. I've consistently been 2 weeks ahead in those measurements and really would like for our little girl to come early. :)

  2. So cute, mama! I measured small with all three of mine (starting around 30 weeks) and they said that I just carried my babies really far back. You look great!

  3. I have been catching up on your blog since you commented on mine and I will definitely become a regular reader! Your parties are amazing, your recipes are easy to follow, and your family is so cute!


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