Monday, November 4, 2013

life lately

I made some mini pumpkin cream cheese pies. Notice Nolan stuffing his mouth :)

Took this cute photo after Ivy’s trip to the vet last Thursday. A bit of background—the last time Ivy had a vaccine (3 years ago for Lyme disease), she went into anaphylactic shock (severe allergic reaction). We weren’t sure that we ever wanted her to have another vaccine as the allergic reaction is known to become more severe every time. My dog Holly was put to sleep after a similar reaction to a distemper vaccine in 2007. Anyway, the rabies vaccine is required by law to be given to dogs every three years. I did a lot of research. I called around to different vets. And we made sure she had Benadryl and a steroid before receiving the vaccine.  She was absolutely fine! An answer to prayer!

Nolan told me this was “Daddy and Mommy” :)

Nolan and I made homemade play-dough. I was surprised how easy it was! He, of course, wants us to make Veggie Tales characters out of it every time we play.

A peek at what the new baby’s room looked like before. Steve sprayed the walls with fabric softener to finally get the rest of the 20-30 year-old pink cloud wallpaper off. Then on Saturday, he painted! I’m so excited to get the room ready.

Bathing cutie.

Halloween! Our little lumberjack.

We had 130 trick-or-treaters come in the city’s 2-hour time frame! I was surprised—I haven’t seen that many since I lived in Chicago. Plus, it was dark and rainy! Luckily, my mom and Don came over to visit, and they brought candy, otherwise we would have run out halfway through.

We could not get him to put the hat on for a picture—this was the best I got before he whipped it off again.

Dressed for our trip to Olive Garden and Target (an hour and a half away!) Used this as one of my Pin-spired photos.

We got the amazing deal at OG to buy one entree, and bring a second entree home for free.

Breadstick lover.

Checking out some TVs at Target.

Wednesday, I got to drink this delicious lemon-lime liquid and have my blood drawn. I’m really thankful to not have to worry about gestational diabetes.

My friend Meghan brought home her new chocolate lab puppy on Friday! His name is Timber, and I am in love. He is so tiny. And has the cutest green eyes. (I am a sucker for green eyes.)

This toffee is incredible. It’s just saltines, butter, brown sugar, and chocolate chips! A new favorite, for sure!

Bobbing for apples—or just eating them—at our church’s fall party on Saturday.

When he gets the microphone, he sings “I do, I do” from Tim McGraw/Taylor Swift’s song. :)

Dressed before 8 am! I am trying to shower/ get dressed earlier so I am not in my pajamas still in the afternoon. . .

We went to a fun birthday party yesterday for a friend from church. The food spread was amazing. Nolan put the little yellow truck on the table in exchange for a chocolate cheese muffin :)

Also, I noticed they were serving some of the same yummy saltine toffee!

Did you catch my Can’t Wait Willow book giveaway yesterday?

Have a great week!!!


  1. Love it !!! Life Lately is getting longer and longer !! I'm so glad you've been busy !! I can't believe it's already that testing time in your pregnancy !! It has went fast !!! I love Nolan's Halloween costume !!! We should do something together next year with the kids dressed up !!

  2. That puppy is just the sweetest! And Nolan is such a cutie in his lumberjack costume!

  3. Such a cute, I mean, manly little lumberjack! ;) And I am soooo glad Ivy's trip to the vet went just fine. That would worry me too.

  4. Those little pies look so yummy! And Nolan is absolutely adorable as a little lumberjack! :)


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