Monday, November 25, 2013

life lately

+oh, the snowflakes on those eyelashes!

+ my first crocheted scarf

+ I love these funny faces.

+ I melt.

Happy Monday!


  1. I just love looking at your photos! Those snowflakes on his eyelashes is a fantastic pic!
    Did you make that scarf yourself? Looks great!
    The silly faces are hilarious :) And Nolan reminds me so much of Xavier sitting there with those orange slices :)

  2. Congrats on making your own scarf, that's awesome! Those snow pictures are precious and the last one is just the sweetest!

  3. How cute is that first pic?!?!?! And the one where he has oranges in his cheek??? ADORBS!

  4. Hey Rachel,

    I've been wanted to learn how to crochet for AGES, but since I'm a lefty it's been a little difficult because everyone who has tried to teach me is right handed. How did you learn how to crochet?

  5. That first picture is the sweetest of you two in the snow!!! So much fun :) Makes me wish it snowed more here.

  6. What a pretty scarf! So impressed that you made it yourself!

  7. Oh I love that first picture!! This is a great picture post :) So many good ones!

  8. SNOW!!! I am so jealous.

    and I am impressed that you made that scarf! It looks great! I asked my mom to make me an infinity scarf, but then in the meantime I found a couple on sale at H&M and just bought em. I shouldn't have lazied out though, a scarf by my mama would have been so much more fun!

  9. Oh my goodness so many cute faces!! Your little one is precious!!!

  10. Wow Rachel, that scarf is so pretty! Great color too!


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