Monday, November 11, 2013


Grateful for:
+ A hamburger, fries, & frosty at Wendy’s on Friday night
+ Progress on the redo of Nolan’s bedroom
+ A new coffeemaker (with very flavorful coffee) after the old one suddenly broke
+ Getting a steal on 4 shirts for Nolan and a pair of earrings for myself at JCP. Grand total = $1.94!
+ A trip to Target with my mom and Nolan. (It takes over an hour to get to Target). So fun to look at Christmas goodies & maternity clothes :)
+ Attending a 50th wedding anniversary party—what a beautiful milestone that I hope Steve and I reach one day.
+ Spending time with friends, chatting, eating pizza, and playing with the puppy at my friend Meghan’s housewarming party.
+ Little flips and kicks to continually remind me of the little miracle I’m carrying.


  1. Nolan is just so cute :) Glad you were able to visit a Target! Seriously my favorite store!!!
    How did you score such a great deal at JCP? I must know your secrets!:)

  2. i think we're all thankful for the delicious frosty's at wendy's, right? and what a steal at JCP- good work :) also: your son is adorable :)

  3. His face!! SO CUTE!
    1.94 for 4 shirts and earrings? HOW?!
    What a goooood weekend :)

  4. Little Nolan is so cute! And I love the pic of your coffee cup with your belly :).
    JCP, i frickin' love that store. Those peeps really know how to do a clearance!
    My mama and I have Target/Costco dates together every couple of weeks too :)

  5. Hello, I have randomly arrived to your lovely blog, gorgeous photos... I think I will try to make your salted caramel biscuits, they look so delicious!

  6. Wow you need to share your shopping tips! I love that you share cute outfits and they are from JcP and not Nordstrom!


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