Friday, July 11, 2014

all about makeup

I love playing with makeup, trying out new products, colors, or combinations, and figuring out tricks of the trade. I don’t know a ton about makeup, so I’m grateful to be continually learning new things through beauty blogs. I’m linking up with Kelly’s Korner (like I did with my hair post a few weeks ago) to share the makeup products that I use on a regular basis. I mostly buy at Walmart, though some of these things I’ve picked up because of a Mary Kay or Avon party.

Meet my vanity! We found it in the attic of our house, and I feel so fancy doing my makeup here :)

I’ve been using eos lip balms for about a year. I love that they are all natural and go on smoothly. I can vouch that Pomegranate Raspberry and Sweet Mint are delicious!

I was into BRIGHT lipsticks last year, so I have Revlon’s red “Flame” and super pink “Enchantress” for when I feel like being bold. However, I steer toward Clinique’s “Glazed Berry” as a more natural-looking lipstick choice. Even better is Revlon’s Colorburst Lip Butter (I have it in “Strawberry Shortcake”. It’s the perfect pink color, it doesn’t have a bad smell/taste, and it really does glide on like butter!

I just got this Mary Kay “Nourishine Plus” lip gloss this week, and I am pretty crazy about it! “Pink Parfait” is a light, pretty pigment. All of the colors have the same sweet smell to them. They go on smooth and soft, not sticky like some lip glosses I’ve had. (This is what I’m wearing in the photos.)

After my very old Clinique bronzer shattered into a million pieces (thanks to a certain curious 2-year-old), I picked up this Drew Barrymore “Flower” blush/bronzer duo for $10 at Walmart. It’s “Gloriously Golden”, and I think it works great! I paid way too much for “Make Up For Ever” concealer after I heard Kate from The Small Things Blog recommend it. It’s a very nice, professional concealer, but the thing is, I have a feeling that any drugstore concealer would have been worked just fine for me.

I have always been a big fan of eyeshadow, but since I had Nolan, I developed eyelid allergies to many brands :(  My eyelids get red, puffy, and itchy. I can still wear my favorite shade of CoverGirl—“Pink Chiffon” as a light shimmer around my browbone. BareMinerals “Cognac Diamond” is the darker shade I use in the creases. For special occasions, I use the gold Urban Decay Primer Potion in “Sin” as a base.

I never used to do anything to my eyebrows besides pluck them, but I think they look better when I fill them in a bit with a CoverGirl pencil. I just bought Mary Kay’s Brow Gel to smooth out hairs that don’t stay put.

My friend Jennifer sells Mary Kay and graciously sent me a Lash Love mascara in black. It works really well, and the brush style is easy to use. Avon’s waterproof Glimmersticks in “Blackest Night” is my eyeliner of choice right now.

There you have it! On days that my boys don’t allow me enough time for makeup, I just choose mascara or eyeliner and lip gloss.

I have zero experience with foundation, but I would like to test out some different kinds to see how my skin would look. I get overwhelmed with having to choose liquid/powder/mousse. Any recommendations for a beginner?
Doing my makeup is quite difficult while holding a squirmy 5-month-old, but I do my best :)
 Nolan needed his picture taken too. Have a great weekend, everyone!!

And PS if you are looking for tons of makeup advice and videos, I would recommend!

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  1. LOVE mary kay! I agree with everything! and LOVE that lip balm. Darling pictures- That first one of you two is precious!

  2. Since your friend sells Mary Kay you should ask her for a few samples. I LOVE my Mary Kay liquid matte foundation. It goes on super easy, has great coverage and stays on all day! Plus you can get a foundation brush for only $10. That way you can try a sample of the liquid and see how you like it and if not then try a powder one. I used to sell MK so that's how I got hooked :) Love this post!

  3. That concealer really is pricey! I use the bare minerals one and it last quite awhile so it makes the price tag worth it. Same with the tinted moisturizer I get from MAC. On special occassions I use bare minerals loose powder foundation since my skin is super sensitive to liquids and such. You can build the coverage you want with it. And it seriously lasts forever!

  4. What a beautiful vanity! As far as foundation goes, I love liquid foundation (I used Clinique Even Better Foundation, which helps balance out skin tone for those of us (me!) with sun damage or dark spots). When I first started wearing foundation, though, I began with powder. I think it's the easiest foundation type to get a feel for how to blend it into your skin, and easiest to remove too.

  5. Your baby has THE most gorgeous baby blues! Look out, Mama, I see a future heartbreaker. :)

  6. You look beautiful! I loved these products and those lip colors are amazing! And that sweet babies eyes; such a beautiful blue!

  7. I am such a makeup novice it's pretty ridiculous - loved your product recommendations!!!

  8. Thanks for the great make up recommendations!!:) You are beautiful and so are your precious boys!!:)


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