Thursday, July 24, 2014


Last week, I got my first smart phone, and though I won’t be trading in my real cameras anytime soon, I can totally see how convenient it is to just whip out the iPhone and snap a few photos of the kids in action :)

We went for a drive to meet my friend Briana and her two sons, Coleson and Decklen for a playdate at the park.

Hammie had to go down the slide first to make sure it was okay :)

We had so much fun hanging out with these guys—wish we lived closer!

And a few photos from yesterday! I love seeing how Ephraim is sleeping when I wake up in the morning :)  Sleeping on his tummy is a new thing.
Waiting for Daddy to get home from painting ceilings all day!

Can’t believe it’s already Thursday!
Check back in tomorrow for my Friday favorites :)


  1. You will have to take Michaela with you. She had the same goal a picture with every groundhog. Since groundhog day is her Birthday, Has not happened yet. Good pictures.

  2. Ooo an iPhone! How exciting :) now our messaging is totally free with iMessage! Love the pics of the boys! I miss them and you :(


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