Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ephraim at 5 months

This. Boy.
He is so wonderful.
Ephraim Luke is my constant companion, and I get such excitement and joy from watching him grow every day!
When we took him on our very long road trip a couple weeks ago, the only thing I really worried about with him was the actual riding in the car part because I couldn’t hold him. I knew that with all of the visiting and social time on the trip—as long as I could hold him, and feed him, and keep him safe—he would be fine, and he was!
I can’t wait for the fun milestones we’re going to have in July :)

5 Month Stats

Weight: 16 or 17 pounds

Length: 25-26 inches

Eating: Nursing exclusively—still every 3 hours during the day.

Bedtime: Ephraim now sleeps in his crib—starting with solid sleep around 11 pm. He learned how to stretch and push his tummy up, so it was time to put the Rock ‘N Play away. He is still waking up at least once in the night.

Awake: He wakes up at 6 or 7, but after I feed him, he’ll snooze until 9.

Naps: He sleeps periodically during the day—mostly in a Snugli about an hour after he eats. His naps are anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

Diapers: Size 2

Clothes: He is wearing 6 months in Carter’s, but the onesies don’t have too much room to grow.

Favorites: Chewing on plastic ring toys or little teethers, finding his mommy’s face, getting tickled, any and all attention :)

Dislikes: People clapping and other loud noises. He also does not like flavored liquid medicine. He has spit out an oral vaccine and the Advil I gave him after his first fever!

Latest Tricks: Playing in the Jumperoo, holding onto toys (and chewing on them), getting frustrated when those toys fall. He has started to grab at plates on the table, eyeglasses, or anything else that is directly in front of him. He also laughs in anticipation when getting tickled or playing peekaboo!

My handsome little man!!

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